Thursday, January 11, 2007

8:30AM - Gorgeous day in volcano country.
Here is our Camp in the protected area near the volcanoes. A truck came by a few minutes ago to open the gate. We will be off soon.
The desert is blooming with life. Everything is sooooo green.

A cactus with flowers.

11AM - Where to go to see the stuff?
There seems to be a lot of confusion about where to go around the volcano area in order to see the animals and other things. Perhaps it is my Spanish translation that is the problem?

When MsTioga came to the end of the road, we asked some workers where to go. In five minutes a person who works for the power plant came by and we followed him to the parking area where we have made a Camp. There are some steam vents nearby.

After breakfast, Little Mavicito and Jorge will take a closer peek at the steam vents. If you click on the Google link below [near the footer], you will see where we are right now, OK?
Note: We could not get close to the vents as we had hoped. Too many cactus.

1PM - Juan Carlos comes to call.
Juan Carlos works for the power commission. His job to monitor the operation of equipment used for power generation. Juan Carlos lives in Mesa Mexico, the neighborhood of Santa Rosalia the is south of Hill Camp, across the arroyo. So, we are neighbors!
Juan Carlos.

2PM - The Team leaves the volcanos.
Little Mavicito took several pics as we were leaving, and would like to share with you, OK?
These solar panels are the same size and brand as Mr. Sunny's.

We passed this non-operating steam power plant. Looks huge!
300 KW !

MsTioga was surprised to find a desert planting project near the power plant. What a neat idea!
Cactus garden producing plants for he desert.

Below is a pic giving information about the this desert's big horn sheep and what may happen to you if you hunt them.

4:30PM - MsTioga back at Hill Camp!
We have returned to Hill Camp. We have some work to do preparing a present for Chito. It is a BBQ. We have to paint it, and take some pics. Be back in a few hours, OK?
Chito's new BBQ.

Dear Readers,
Some readers appear to be disenchanted with me living in Santa Rosalia in Mexico for the winter. These readers liked it better when I traveled constantly. I am bewildered by these disenchanted readers!

I believe that readers should be completely thrilled with the idea of:
1. Living for free.
2. Living in Mexico.
3. Living in a gorgeous place with a gorgeous view.
4. Having my own little cactus garden.
5. Making friends with all of my Mexican neighbors.
6. Becoming fluent in Spanish (a lifelong goal of mine).

There are excellent reasons why I am staying here in Mexico, not traveling much for six months. MsTioga needs some major upgrades and repairs when I return to the USA. The only way that I have to save up for those expenditures, is to stop moving. It costs a LOT to move often. Gasoline alone for MsTioga costs over 32 cents for each mile at today's gas prices.

I believe that I spoiled some readers by traveling almost everyday. These readers became used to receiving their "travel jolt." Now, I've pulled the rug from under, and some are complaining. They want the "Old George." These complaining readers write that "..something is wrong with me..."

Another common complaint is that I spend too much time on the computer. One reader wrote today, that, "You now think of your journey as a "job". I have news for that reader. Publishing a blog the way that I do is a job. And a very demanding one as well. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to take photos, process them, upload the photos to my website, add them to my blog, describe the photos with text?

Here is the bottom line. I love to share with you. However, if you are not appreciative of my efforts, I really do not want share with you. So, goodbye, OK?


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