Tuesday, January 16, 2007

8AM - Burning the cut trees.
This morning there is only a gentle breeze. "Good time for burning the trees", said Little Mavicito, who went outside immediately and took the pic below.

It is a gorgeous grey day. Only 52°F outside. Jorge says that he is feeling pretty good this morning!
Pile of cut trees to be burned.

8:30AM - Trimming bushes and repairing fence.
Just after we posted about burning the trees, the wind kicked up. Too dangerous to burn when wind is here.

Instead, Jorge trimmed bushes and connected a fence to the porch post. We do not know why Chito uses rope to fix things, instead of nails and screws. The rope does not work well at all.
Bushes trimmed from railing.

Fence connected to post.

10AM - Doctor Leonel in El Centro.
While Jorge was trimming bushes and fixing the fence, his cough was very bad. A decision was made to consult with the doctor recommended yesterday by the X-ray guy.

Dr. Leonel is an internist with an office near the two banks in El Centro. We walked in and made an appointment to see the doctor in one hour! Wow!

Dr. Leonel is a person who exudes confidence. He asked many questions, and then gave Jorge a head to toe exam, touching here, probing there. Afterwards, Dr. Leonel told Jorge that he had a bad bronchial infection, and prescribed an antibiotic and some kind of liquid syrupy stuff.

When Jorge left the Dr. Leonel's exam room, there were a bunch of patients waiting to be seen. They must have fit Jorge in to see the doctor before all of these others.

The exam cost $400 pesos [$36US] and the prescriptions $175 pesos [$16US].
Dr. Leonel's office.

4PM - Chito sees everything.
From MsTioga's rear window, I saw Chito throwing buckets full of water to dampen the ground in his yard. I picked up a peanut butter cookie to give to Chito, and went out to talk.

Chito had just come home from work at the Alba Grocery, and already he had seen the repairs I had done to his fence. I had missed the joy of showing Chito my work. I do not understand how Chito sees things so fast. But he does.

Chito does not seem to grasp large concepts, such as what it means to his life to fail to properly maintain his house. Chito does not think about trimming the lime trees, so the fence will not be crushed by weighty limbs. Yet he sees the repair that I made today on the fence corner.

Chito knows when a tiny seed takes root in a crack of the water tank. Chito sees little trees struggling to survive in the drainage ditch. Chito and Jorge are different. And the largest difference between us is our perspective of life.


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