Friday, January 12, 2007

8AM - I am a writer.
In the movie, "Finding Forrester", Pulitzer prize winning author William Forrester is portrayed by Sean Connery. When Jamal Wallace [Forrester's teen age friend] asks why he writes, Forrester replies, "Writers write so that readers may read."

That is exactly how I feel. I am writer. And I write so that you may read. This morning I've been enjoying messing with my Doer book. If you would like to read Doer, click on [Home] at the bottom of this post and then enter [Behind the Scenes], OK?

8:30AM - Chito's corner fence.
You may remember that a few days ago Jorge trimmed the two lime trees near the corner of the yard. Also trimmed was the pomogranate tree, which was also leveraged back so that it now clears the fence line.

Jorge and Chito think about things like this differently. Chito wants to mend things and he uses wire, rope, whatever, to keep things together. Jorge wants to fix things, improve them so that the repaired item is made usable. Neither one of us is wrong or right. We are different.

It is a real kick for Jorge to go out and put the fence into order. Jorge does not know why he is so excited about going to El Centro to buy fence stuff, and then pick up his laundry at Lavanderia Amalia. These are ordinary things, but they make Jorge feel sooooooo happy!

10AM - Ar-Ya-No Ferreteria.
First we went to Ar-Ya-No's to buy some cable and a clamp to secure the pomogranate tree. Jorge believes that it will more than a year to get the tree growing straight, so the cable will be somewhat of a semi-permanent solution.

You may remember that our friend Ernesto who visited us a few days ago with his brother Humberto, works at Ar-Ya-No.

10:15AM - Jimmy Boy tacos.
We have been buying tacos carne asada at Jimmy Boy's. Jaime [Jimmy Boy] really makes great carne asada and his guacamole is the real stuff.
Jaime of Jimmy Boy Tacos.

My taco carne asada.

10:30AM - Carlos Sanchez.
Next, Little Mavicito and Jorge walked up to Lavanderia Amalia to pick up the laundry. We brought along Chito's shopping cart, because the laundry is heavy.

On the way back, we stopped to talk to Carlos Sanchez who is now working in an internet cafe called "Hay Mas" which means in English, "There is More." The store is located in the only inside shopping mall in all of Santa Rosalia. Do you remember meeting Carlos Sanchez on the mountain behind Cachania? Click here to go to that day, OK?

Carlos' father is Juan Sanchez, owner of Reterkko's Restaurant, which just last week moved from El Centro to Rancheria neighborhood. We wanted to get directions to his Dad's new location, in order to go eat there.
Carlos at his new job in "Hay Mas."

11:30AM - Pruning the lime tree.
Upon returning to Hill Camp, Jorge decided to prune one of the lime trees. Of course Little Mavicito watched, as he always does.

Jorge believes that Chito does not understand about training a tree, pruning and all. Jorge does not mind at all, because he loves to prune trees.
First lime tree pruned.

The second lime tree will be a bit more of a challenge. Suckers which have turned into major branches have been allowed to grow over many years.
Lime tree two to be pruned maƱana.

4PM - An avalanche of email from Readers.
An avalanche of email has been received. Mostly pro, but some not. I've published some of these email in Readers Write for you to see for yourself, OK?

There was one special email. It is from Chuck in Bellevue, Washington. It is interesting to find that at my age, in my 69th year, that I am still learning some fundamentals to live by.

Here in part is what Chuck wrote to me:

"....You can live without being hurt by others' words. Their words are their perception; they have nothing to do with you. Only you can turn the switch inside your mind that says, "I take this personally and it hurts" or "They have a right to their perceptions and words but they can't affect me because I'm the one who chooses whether to be affected or not..."

Thank you soooooo much, Chuck!


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