Thursday, January 18, 2007

8AM - It's hard to be a writer when feeling like a noodle.
I know that it is silly to write that, "I do not feel good when I am sick". But it's true! The medicine that Dr. Leonel prescribed for me takes all of my energy. I feel like a wet noodle.

I am not getting any worse, but I do not seem to be getting better either. Boy-O-boy! I sure miss getting up in the morning and going out to do stuff! Instead of sleeping all day inside MsTioga. Wow!

8:30AM - Vicente shows up to work.
Do you remember that Jorge made an agreement for Vicente to fix the corner fence near the lime trees? We thought that Vicente would not be here until next week. But here he is this morning, ready to work!

Jorge was still in his PJs, and Vicente waited inside MsTioga for Jorge to get dressed.

Vicente is a friend of Chito's. They have known each other since their ranching days when they were boys.
Taking down the fence.

Note: It is really something that Jorge perked right up when Vicente showed up to work on the fence! Jorge is even making some breakfast.
During breakfast however, the medicine kicked in and Jorge fell asleep for a long time.

11:30AM - Repairing the fence.
Vicente has just returned lunch. He lives in the Bella Vista neighborhood, just west of Hill Camp.

This morning Vicente cleared out the old fence line. He then dug away years of accumulated debris. Now he is digging a hole for the corner post.

Corner post.

4:30PM - The new fence line.
Vicente has completed the agreed upon work. Remove the old fence. Clean the fence line. Dig four post holes and set them. The price for this work is $300 pesos $27US].

Now it is Jorge's turn to build the fence. This is the kind of work that Jorge loves to do. However, at this time Jorge has the strength of a wet noodle. Hmmmm?
New fence line.


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