Sunday, January 21, 2007

8AM - Something of value.
Today is Sunday, my values day. I set aside a large part of Sunday, to find a way to achieve the goals to reach my values. This morning I find however, that my thoughts concern my neighbor Chito, and his quest to find something of value in his life.

Yesterday evening, Chito and the family went to the market. It was dark when everybody climbed Chito's car, and off they went. Before he left, Chito asked me to watch over his home, and when he stood outside MsTioga's door, I noticed that he was wearing his good clothes for this event.

Chito's car, a 1990 Chevy Lumina, is the main source of his value. Chito drives his family members to work, to school and on errands. Driving his family gives him the self-worth that he needs to feel that he has value to his family. He cleans his car everyday.

An hour after the family returned from the market, Chito knocked on MsTioga's door again. He wanted to show me something. It was his car. The left front drive axle had pulled away. A bolt had been lost, and now the car sat in his yard, unable to move.
Chito's car waits to be fixed.

10:30AM - Voices in my head.
I wrote my values in 1993. It is coming on to fourteen years later, and I am still struggling to achieve.

Some years ago I sat with my son Joseph at the foot of Mount Diablo near home. Joseph described to me voices in his head. He said that they were always there. I also have these voices, which are the sound of my own mind thinking in words what is going on inside. Sometimes these voices are a good thing, as when I am laying out a story to write. I hear MsTioga saying something, and I reply. Then Little Mavicito chimes in.

Other times, these voices are unhappy. Lately the voices in my mind have been critical of my neighbors. The voices have been judgmental too. All of this completely against my Character Value [Goals #8 & #9]

It is soooooo easy for me to slip into a habit of letting the voices go against my values. That is why I review them every Sunday.

I still have hopes that some Sunday, I will have found that I've achieved perfection. Hmmmm?

2:30PM - Ants that can walk on vaseline.
Putting vaseline on the string holding up the hummingbird flower worked for weeks. Today, a BIG ant found someway to walk on vaseline. Amazing.

So, we are now using brute force to fight the ant menace. "Terro Outdoor Ant Killer." Seems to work too.
The ants defeated by "Terro".

5:20PM - Dark view toward sundown.
Little Mavicito saw the beauty first, and was out there in an instant with his sidekick, TriPod. The dark view to the north of the distant mountains had some kind of magic this afternoon.


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