Friday, March 16, 2007

10AM - Details of tilting solar panel assembly.
The pics below show how the tilt assembly adjustable brace connects to MsTioga's roof. The hinge serves two functions. One is to connect the adjustable brace that tilts the solar panels. The second function of the hinge, is to secure the solar panels in a flat postion while traveling.

Here in the small towns of Mexico, it is not possible to buy a huge variety of screws, nuts, bolts, etc. When we get back to the USA, the hinge and screws will be changed to make it easy to quickly raise or lower the tilting assembly. Also coming, is a security chain for each adjustable brace, to prevent a strong wind from blowing the panels away from the roof.
Hinge connecting to adjustable brace.

Close-up view.

Hinge securing panels to roof in flat position.

2PM - No more paint job!
The day has turned very sad. Salvadore is no longer doing our paint job. The problem is that Salvadore has not been working much lately. Every day a little less. Jose has talked with Salvadore about working every day and these talks have not had much success.

This morning Salvadore did not begin to work until after 11am, and then about 10 minutes later he was gone, and did not return until after 2pm. By that time I had made up my mind to end this paint job.

I had not anticipated that the fiberglass and paint jobs would take so many weeks to complete. There is not enough time left to visit Gumaro and his family at the ranch near San Jose del Cabo. By stopping the paint job now, I still will be able to spend some time visiting with my friend Julian the fisherman in nearby San Carlos.

So, today has turned sad for me. I do not like to make decisions like this one. But the decision had to be made. MsTioga will have her paint job completed later on, perhaps at a paint shop that we know in Fullerton, California. And we will be keeping our eyes open for somebody here in Mexico able to complete MsTioga's paint job too.


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