Monday, April 23, 2007

6:30AM - Our Morning Walk.
It is a gorgeous day. After morning exercise, Little Mavicito and George went for our Morning Walk. We have Nite Camped in this are several times before, and like it here. There are shops to browse, a bagel shop, and nice places to walk.

This morning we went up the path along the San Diego River. The walkway is landscaped beautifully, and there are many plants with familiar fragrance. The path ends near where San Diego's rapid transit train runs.
San Diego River-walkway view.

San Diego's train.

7:30AM - Back with MsTioga for breakfast.
During our Morning Walk, we were tempted several times to eat out. We walked by Einstein's Bagels! Denny's Restaurant was sending the smell of pancakes into the air.

However, MsTioga's kitchen tempts too! And we love to cook soooooooo much!
MsTioga waits for us to return.

9AM - Heading sort of northerly.
We have started our journey north to the City of Riverside, California where our Nephew Steve will be getting married this coming Sunday. We are taking an alternate to Interstate #15 which is the direct route. Our route will take us into the hills!

1:30PM - Day Camped near Anza-Borrego Park.
We have made a Day Camp on the lightly traveled Sunrise Highway, south of the Town of Julian. Our Camp is alongside the road.

The plan is to stay here for the nite.
Our Camp in the hills.


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