Sunday, April 01, 2007

6AM - Tweeking Tioga.
MsTioga believes that cleaning a little everyday, is much better than a BIG cleaning every so often. As you may imagine, what MsTioga believes, Jorge believes!

Here you see Jorge cleaning tiny paint splatters off MsTioga's windshield, something missed during the paint cleanup at Jose's Fiberglass Shop.
MsTioga's daily cleaning.

7AM - Mr. Datastorm wants you to know something.
Mr. Datastorm has a message for you! He wants you to know that he is working perfectly now. Isn't that great?!

Apparently, the footprint map for SatMex5 [our satellite space station] is incorrect and shows that good signals may be received all the way to the Pacific Coast. However, when we traveled west to the City of ConstituciĆ³n [well within the footprint map], we went into an area of very weak signals. That is why Mr. Datastorm had so much trouble!

Now Mr. Datastorm is getting a nice strong signal, and is able to go online in only a few seconds!

11AM - Headed into the City of Loreto.
We left our gorgeous Camp on the beach at Ligui, and headed into Loreto. MsTioga wants to buy some stuff to paint the unpainted parts of her new fiberglass roof.

However, it is Sunday, and when we arrive in Loreto, we find that the hardware stores are all closed.

4PM - Camped between Playa Requeson and Playa La Perla.
MsTioga has chosen what we believe to be a Free Camp on the road between Playa Requeson and Playa La Perla.

Across the water, we see the many camps on the strand of sand that crosses the water of Playa Requeson. Is this a party beach? The sounds of many boomboxes playing music drifts across to our Camp.
View of Playa Requeson from our Camp across the water.

6PM - Take my pic!
Since MsTioga received her fiberglass and paint jobs, she uses any excuse to get Little Mavicito to take her pic!

This afternoon MsTioga got her tires blacked, and that seemed like a good reason to take her pic!
MsTioga with blacked tires!

6:30PM - Playa Requeson at sundown.
No wonder campers flock to this lovely beach!
Even more gorgeous at sunset.


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