Tuesday, May 01, 2007

9AM - MsTioga buys new tires.
Everybody on The Team has been on the lookout for a truck tire place. MsTioga needs new rear tires, and we like to buy tires where the big rigs go for their tires.

MsTioga last replaced her rear tires in August, 2004 and they were Cooper brand. We got 29,218 miles from those Coopers. We believe that this is pretty good for RV service.

The tires that we are buying this morning are Firestones. We like the look of them. We rotate all tires every 5,000 miles in order to keep them working right.
MsTioga at Parkhouse Tires.

MsTioga's new Firestones.

10:30AM - Laundry day in Barstow.
How does the TiogaRV Team know when it is laundry day? Well, when we run out of clean underwear, then it is laundry day!

Ever since we became fulltimers, we have always enjoyed doing our laundry.
Doing laundry in Barstow.

1PM - Camped behind the Wal*Mart in Barstow.
We were looking for an industrial area to make a Camp, and were very surprised to find our Camp right behind The Wal*Mart!!

MsTioga is Camped in a vacant lot.

Our Camp in Barstow.


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