Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm doing pretty good. But I did not have hardly anything new to blog about. That's why I have not blogged since August 9th.

Here is what is going good:
  • I am healthy. Don't need to go to the doctors for sickness. 
  • I have enough to eat. Mostly eat out. In restaurants.
  • My golf game is coming along. I play golf with my friend John about twice a week.
  • I exercise at the YMCA. Not enough. But at least I am doing a little.
  • My sleeping habits are strange. I go to sleep around 4am and awaken about 10am.
  • I still ride my electric bike. At least two trips each day. Sometimes several bike trips!
Today I am biking over to a nearby Chili's Restaurant for supper. I like Chili's because I am able to get a seat at the bar immediately on entering. There are several TVs at the bar, all tuned to sports. I like that! The food is good. I like Chili's steaks and ribs. Also they have good Mexican food.

PS: Did you watch the Little League World Series game today? Mo'ne Davis, a girl player for Philadelphia is soooo exciting to watch! She pitches and plays first base. Whatta gal!!


  1. Lad you are well. And enjoying yourself!

  2. Those sound like my recent sleeping habits. San Diego is a great place to live. I miss the the time I lived north in Carlsbad for about 10 years. Great weather, lots to do outside and the smell of salt air ... the beach.

  3. The day is always better when there is a new post from George!! Strange sleeping patterns seem to go with the territory of getting older. Good that you are able to sleep later. Glad to know that you are doing well.

  4. Lately I have to have a sleep in the afternoon or I fall off my perch but then I don't do so well in the middle of the night. As long as your body says that's OK, you are fine. Enjoy your days.

  5. Nice to hear your feeling & doing well George. Good stuff, keep it up:))

  6. Sleeping when you want to is the perks of getting old...I can nap when I want, go to bed late and sleep in....but I got myself a part time job as a bookkeeper so I have a sleeping schedule now.

  7. Good to hear you are doing well. Keep it up!

  8. I'm happy to hear you are feeling well, doing fine, and enjoying your new life, my friend!

  9. Glad to hear things are going well for you George. Staying active and healthy is a good thing.

  10. Miss your pictures, George. will you ever visit Mexico again by bus, plane or even train? Are there aspects of living in Mexico that you miss or is this new life exactly what you want? I hope you are happy.

  11. Hi Dad, I am so glad you are doing well. So much love for you always <3

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