Friday, April 21, 2017


Hot Today in La Mesa

6:30am - Just checked the weather. In La Mesa the temperature is going up
to 90℉. However, in Mission Beach, at the Pacific Ocean, the high is 72℉.

The ability to move our Scampy home around is one of the wonders of RVing! We go where we want. And what we want today, is T-Shirt and short
pants weather. 😊

24 Hour
Last nite, we made our Nite Camp in the upper parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness. So, before heading out for Mission Beach, I'll go workout!

10am - Breakfast
For this morning, I prepared Matzos, Eggs and Onions right there in the 24 Hour parking lot. Also, a Jimmy Dean pork sausage patty.

Scampy's kitchen is plenty big enough for me. I only use 1-burner of the 2-burner stove.

For utensils, there is one plate. One teflon 8" skillet. One each fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, butter knife, cutting knife, spatula and turner.

Do you know what this is?

Clue: It may be the largest bubble in history!

4pm - Bypassed battery charge controller
The Adventurer battery charge controller that comes with my Renogy solar panel does NOT bring up the State of Charge of the battery to where I want it to be.

I want a fully charged battery to read 1265 - 1275 on my hydrometer. The battery now reads 1245.

The problem is, that the Adventurer controller tapers charging down too fast. Checking the voltage at the battery with the controller shows 12 volts.

In order to get the solar panel to fully charge the battery, I have bypassed the controller. Checking the voltage at the battery with the controller bypassed shows 15 volts.

I do not believe that I will harm the battery by over charging if I keep a close eye on the state of charge.

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 368 feet



  1. Hi George, always think of you when I tell my husband that I like shorts and sandals weather! In your post this morning you mention your famous "T-shirt and short pants weather" - I just changed it a little to fit how I feel about the weather. Thanks for helping me express just how I like the weather to be so I can "dress properly" and in the manner I like.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      It makes me happy that you think of me! 😍



  2. George, Please be careful. If you have 12 V equipment in Scampy it could be damaged by 15 V. For example the fridge circuit board, led lights, phone charger, etc.

    1. Hi RW,

      Thanks for the warning. Good to know.