Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Day 15

Quiet For Sleeping

7:30am - There is no noise at Albion Campground during the nite. We on the Scampy RV Team are delighted about that. When we go to bed, all that want to hear is the sound of silence!

The campground lures fishermen and their boats. Located at the mouth of the Albion River, fishermen can go out into the Pacific Ocean for fishing. When these fishermen come back at day's end, they are able to be comfortable in their RVs.

View from Scampy's window


Monday, May 22, 2017


Day 14

Best RV For Me

8am - Long time Reader Bill in Chico asked in his comment:
"Now that you've been camping for a while with Scampy, how do you feel about having a trailer vs a motorhome?"

I've been thinking about Bill's question since I read it. And my reply to Bill would be different then my comment/reply to him.

It seems to me that the ideal RV setup for me would be a 4-wheel drive pickup truck with a small camper. With this RV setup, traveling into the forest over dirt roads would be easy to do.

Scampy and Honda have very small clearance which would be a disaster in a forest. Also, Honda has front wheel drive, which does not perform well on dirt roads.

The Scampy/Honda setup is good for pavement driving only.

9am - Kruse Rhododendron Preserve
It appears that the Kruse Rhododendron Preserve is not open for viewing. We found a closed gate with an arcane communication device. Could not talk to anybody there. We tried phoning. Could not get the phone to ring?

Do you know what goes on here?

Eating - Where and how?
You may have wondered about eating [food preparation] here on the Scampy RV Team?

When George gets hungry, we find a nice place to make our meals. This morning for breakfast we pulled over in a pull-out of Hwy #1, about 100 yards from the Ocean.

It was a bit chilly inside Scampy, so we cranked up Wave3 [catalytic heater].

This morning we decided on Smoked, Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage [from Trader Joe's]. Also, matzoh and eggs. We like matzoh and eggs instead of plain scrambled eggs. The matzoh in the eggs is balanced [carbs].

This morning cranberry juice was our drink.

Cleaning up after preparing a meal in Scampy is pretty easy. We have soapy water in a bowl which we use with a hand-held brush. After each item is washed and rinsed, we dry it with a cloth towel and put it away in its place.

That's it!

11am - Gualala River Camp
When MsTioga and I were RVing together, we Camped alongside the Gualala River. So, when we reached the road to that Camp, iPhone and I went over to take a look at the road's entrance.

As soon as we saw what Honda would be challenged with when leaving that Camp, it was clear that this was a NoGo! Honda would not be able to tow Scampy up that sandy road. Honda's tires would not hold traction here.

The pic below does not do justice to the steepness of the road.

Road to Gualala River

12 noon - Manchester Park
We arrived at an Ocean access road that looked interesting. The road led to Manchester State Park.

A dirt path from the parking area led toward the Ocean. At first the path was on hard packed sand. Soon the path changed to loose beach sand. In the distance was a hill or dune.

George and iPhone kept trudging on. It was hard going in that sand. When we came to the top of the hill/dune, we found a second hill/dune ahead of us!

When we got to the top that second dune, there was a third dune ahead of us!! At that point we captured a pic of that third dune. And we turned back because we did NOT want to be confronted with yet a fourth dune!

The third dune in the distance

Hardy tiny flowers growing in beach sand

2:30pm - Albion Campground
We decided to rent a campsite at Albion Campground which is located down in the canyon at the mouth of the Albion River.

Albion Campground

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 5 feet


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bodega Bay

Day 13

Heading North

7:30am - Today we are leaving the Porto Bodega RV Park in the Town of Bodega Bay. On the way, Scampy's propane tank should be topped off. Also, we would like to visit the Vons grocery in City of Guerneville.

Our next Camp is at Gerstle Cove in Salt Point State Park.

Scampy's battery
Yesterday, our Renogy solar panel was used to charge Scampy's battery. The Renogy charged from 9am to 4pm.

Scampy's battery started at 1.225 specific gravity [Fair] and ended at 1.250 specific gravity [Good].

Everybody on the Scampy RV Team is absolutely delighted with Renogy's performance!

2pm - Gerstle Cove Campground
We were very surprised to learn that most of sites at Gerstle Cove are not occupied. We are guessing that as the holiday weekend draws near that the occupancy will zoom.

Our Gerstle Camp Site

A beach scene that caught iPhone's eye

6pm - Internet
Our Cricket Communications service is not available at Salt Point. However, there is a WiFi access from the ranger station at the Woodside campground across Hwy #1.  And that WiFi has no password!

It was a bit breezy and chilly earlier this afternoon. Now, that breeze has gone and the temperature is very comfortable. The forest is very beautiful.

I just finished eating supper.

A patty melt and baked beans. Yummm!

Rhododendron Forest
The Rhododendron Reserve is very close to where we are camping. For sure tomorrow morning, Little iPhone and George will go there and explore!


Saturday, May 20, 2017


Day 12


6:45am - The making of reservations, for us on the Scampy RV Team, changes the wonder of our quest to search for adventure along our journey.

Yesterday we became aware that RV parks along the Northern California Coast Route became overwhelmed with RVers during weekends. So, we paid for an additional day's stay here at Bodega Bay Marina and RV Park for today, Saturday.

Also yesterday, we made a reservation to stay at Salt Point State Park, north of the Town of Jenner for tomorrow, Sunday. 

Why did we make these reservations? Because we were afraid! Yes, were fearful of not being find our Nite Camp!!

No more reservations for us! No more fear! We will journey along the Pacific coast confident that we shall find our Nite Camps.

Playing with iPhone's camera
We have been learning how to make better pics with iPhone. Yesterday we Blogged to you a pic of a fishing boat across from our camp site. This pic was captured during daylight.

Later on, iPhone captured the same fishing boat. But this time, just before dusk.

Fishing boat at dusk

9am - Breakfast
We made a nice breakfast this morning. French toast, sausage and scrambled egg. Yummm!

How much did you pay?
Ever since I bought Scampy, passers by would ask, "How much did you pay for your Scamp?"

I would reply, "Scamp trailers start out at $10,500."

Every single person would respond:
"Wow! That much!"

After awhile I began to lower the $10,500. First to $8,000. And I still received a Wow! response. Then to $5,000. Then to $3,000. Still got a, "Wow!" Or maybe a, "That much?"

Now I don't give a price. I ask, "How much would you pay for a Scamp?"

They never know!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 6 feet


Friday, May 19, 2017

Hwy #1

Day 11

Giving North Coast A Go

8am - After all of my Blogging about traveling on US 101 instead of State 1, it seems that I've changed my mind.

What pulled me in was a website named, "California Revealed" [Link].

Also, I'd not considered paying to camp. Should I give up the North Coast for that? Hmmmm?

10am - Bodega Bay
We are staying at Bodega Bay Marina and RV Park. This place looks familiar. MsTioga and I may have stayed here.

It cost $50 bucks for a nite and have booked for two nites. We are in a dry camp site. Scampy's rear window has a lovely view of the marina.

Scampy Team at Bodega Bay

12 noon - RV Campgrounds!
We have made another reservation at Salt Point State Park in the Town of Jenner.

This park is only 30 miles north of us. Yet, it is a one hour drive! Going must be slow on Hwy #1.

2pm - Awning
We have never used Scampy's awning before. However, we are now in an RV campground. So, we have set out the awning!

Boid and George enjoying the awning's shade!

4:15pm - Fishing boat
Across the water from Scampy's camp site, is moored a fishing boat. I was sitting outside just watching all the beauty!

All of a sudden, the breeze died, and the reflection of the fishing boat came clear. The always ready Little iPhone quickly captured the pic. A second later, and the breeze came up. But Little iPhone and I had captured what we wanted!

Boat across the water

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 6 feet


Thursday, May 18, 2017


Day 11

Coast Camping  Challenge

7am - Later today, the Scampy Team will be traveling north of the City of San Francisco. We have a decision to make about this part of our journey. Should we travel along California's gorgeous north coast? Or inland along Hwy #101?

The challenge of Nite Camping along Hwy #1 [the coast route] makes the decision for us. The towns near Hwy #1 are not large enough for the Scampy Team to make our Nite Camps without being detected.

So, we shall travel Hwy #101.

Boid looking at the boats harbored in Pillar Point
Near Half Moon Bay this morning

11am - Golden Gate Bridge
When we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, iPhone begged for us to pull into the viewing lot so that he could capture some pics! So, we pulled over!

Who could resist the pleading of that iPhone guy?

North end - Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco skyline

Alcatraz Island
"The Rock"

2pm - Petaluma
We have arrived in the City of Petaluma. There is a 24 Hour Fitness here. Scampy and Honda parked about 1/2 mile away from 24 because there is no parking place for us that is closer.

So, George will walk to 24. After all, we are going there to exercise. Not a big deal to get our 1/2 mile of walking on a sidewalk instead of a treadmill.

7:30pm - Nite Camp
We found our Nite Camp location, and marked it with an App called, "CarFinder." Then we made an Evening Camp in an apartment neighborhood.

We may remain in this apartment neighborhood for an hour or so. Then make another Evening Camp in another area. We do this moving around so as not to attract the attention of our neighbors.

We will move to our previously selected Nite Camp site around 11pm and leave that site before 6:30am tomorrow.

Movie for tonite
We will finish watching, "Out Of Africa" tonite. It's a long movie and did not finish yesterday before our bedtime [11pm].

"Out Of Africa" is a perfect movie!
  • The story is perfect
  • The directing is perfect
  • The screen play writing is perfect
  • The acting is perfect
  • The photography is perfect
  • The music is perfect


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pacific Ocean

Day 10

Half Moon Bay

7:30am - Last nite an interesting thing happened. Water dripped on to Scampy. But it was not rain water. This water came from the phenomenon of how the redwood trees gather water. It seems that redwood trees adapted to their existence by absorbing mist from the atmosphere. And some of that mist condenses on the upper parts of the redwood trees. 

That's how the water came to drip on to Scampy! From that condensed mist!!

8:30am - After filling Scampy's fresh water tank with our homemade Water Thief, we headed out of Big Basin Redwood State Park [Link].

Our destination is Half Moon Bay.

iPhone captures a pic of George in Big Basin

1:30pm - Pillar Point Harbor
The Scampy Team has arrived at Pillar Point Harbor [Just north of Half Moon Bay] where we had a good time camping in July, 2011 [Link].

However, things have changed a mite since 2011. Now the Harbor Master wants us to have a boat, in order to stay here. So, we will find a different Nite Camp near here.

2:30pm - Airport Camp
We have found a place next to the Half Moon Bay Airport. Several other RVs are camping here. So, we are joining them and plan to make our Nite Camp here.

Our Camp adjacent to the Half Moon Bay Airport

Pic: San Francisco Bay from Skyline Drive
Here is a stitched pic of the Bay of San Francisco high up on Skyline Drive. We have been doing some experimenting with stitching and editing images.

4pm - Back at Pillar Point Harbor
We have returned here to make an Afternoon Camp. It is sooooo beautiful here!

We will remain here above the harbor until near sundown. Then return to our Airport Camp that we Blogged to you about above.

Our Afternoon Camp

8:30pm - Mistake
It appears that I made a mistake in choosing a Nite Camp because there were a bunch of other RVs parked there. I found out about it when a friendly sheriff dropped by to knock on Scampy's door.

And I was just beginning to watch the movie, "Out of Africa." Darn!

After looking around in a nearby residential neighborhood, a new Nite Camp was chosen [See map link below].

Now, I am able to get back to watching the movie!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 76 feet


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Day 9

Big Basin Redwoods

7:20am - Before yesterday evening, we had no thought of heading up
Highway #1 from the City of Santa Cruz.

However, looking at our paper map, we spotted Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We on the Scampy RV Team love redwood trees!

So, this morning after breaking our Nite Camp, that's where we will head out to!

After our visit to Big Basin Redwoods State Park, we plan to head to Half Moon Bay which is along Hwy #1. We like that mysterious sounding name [Half Moon Bay!].

10am - Camping Overnite
The Scampy Team has arrived at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We have setup Scampy in campsite #48 [A trailer site].

12:30pm - Redwood Trail
George and Little iPhone took a walk together on Redwood Trail [An easy trail for seniors].

The largest redwood tree in the world is here. It is named Father of the Forest. It is estimated that the age of Father of the Forest is 1,800 years.

Father of the Forest

Note: You may be wondering why Little iPhone captured a pic of the base of Father of the Forest, and not the entire tree? That's because most of this enormous redwood tree is not visible. Too tall!

The redwood below is named, The Chimney Tree. Forest fire burned away the lower part of the tree and also burned a hole going up thru the trunk all the way to the tree top!

Chimney Tree

Surprise road closure

The road into the park from our Nite Camp is State #236. We were very surprised to learn that this highway is CLOSED from Big Basin to State #1 [Coast road]. Be nice to know at the BEGINNING of State #236 that this road did not go thru. 

When we leave Big Basin, this closure means that we will return all the way to the beginning of State #236 in order to visit Half Moon Bay.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Size matters

Day 8

Yesterday's Image Question

7:45am - Thanks to all of you who commented with info about the image size question.

It seems that there may be a universal image view option for all browsers. When you view an image, you may make it bigger or smaller yourself. For the Google Chrome browser, the command is in the "view" option at the top of the Chrome screen.

It is the same "view" option for the Safari browser.

Image quality
There are things that I may do to increase the image quality of my pics using Iphone 5s. Live and learn!

Below is an image that iPhone captured this morning of Honda FIT and Scampy. I am hoping that the image quality [sharpness, color] appears good to you.

If you want the image to appear bigger or smaller, look for the View option at the top of your browser.

Honda and Scampy this morning!

9:30am - Santa Cruz
We are heading over to the City of Santa Cruz. There is a 24 Hour Fitness Club there!

We love 24 Hour! 😍

11:30am - Water and Laundry
We have not reached Santa Cruz yet! On the way to Santa Cruz, we stopped to fill Scampy's fresh water tank. And we had to go to three different gas stations before we found one whose fresh water machine was working!

Then, we had our laundry to do. We waited this morning for a coin laundry to open. The sign stated: Open 8am. But that coin laundry never opened its doors!

But we are heading to Santa Cruz now!

1pm - Santa Cruz beach
We just had to take a look at the lovely beach! Wow!

New Brighton State Beach

Beach history

Note: First click on an image. You may increase or decrease the image size by using the "View" pulldown on your browser.

PS: Scampy's grey and black water tanks were dumped at New Brighton Beach Park.

5:30pm - Scotts Valley
Scampy and The Team spent about an hour cruising around the City of Santa Cruise keeping eyes out for a possible Nite Camp site.  MsTioga and I have made Nite Camps in Santa Cruz many times.

Over the years, Street Camping in the City of Santa Cruz became more and more challenging. The city has developed a permit parking system for residents. We decided NOT to buck all of this restriction stuff.

Looking at our paper map, we spotted Scotts Valley about 3-miles away. While driving in Scotts Valley, we spied a big rig trailer parked on a side street and decided to give that place a try for our Nite Camp.

PS: We generally do not post our Nite Camp map link until late in the nite. But today we are Blogging it at 5:30pm. We are trusting that this will NOT put a hex on our Nite Camp!!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 573 feet

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Street vs Park

Day 7

Nite Camp Style

7:30am - As you may know, the Scampy RV Team makes our Nite Camps on the street. If we changed our Nite Camp Style to RV Park camping, we would not have been able to stay here in the Town of San Ardo.

The pic below is where we made our Nite Camp. It's about a mile southeast of the center of San Ardo.  It is sooooo quiet here on this lovely Sunday morning!

Scampy Team's Nite Camp site

11:20am - Boid loves veggies!
As you may imagine, the area around the Town of San Ardo is mostly agricultural based. 

This morning as we drove, we came upon a field of some kind of green leaf veggie. I tasted it. Couldn't identify?

When that green leaf was placed into Boid's cage, he began eating it! I was surprised at how much Boid loved eating that leaf!

John & Mimi have told me that their budgies love veggies! Now I know that Boid is a "Bird of a feather!"

Boid says, "Hi to Buddy and Ollie!" [John & Mimi's birdies]

4:30pm - City of Salinas
We have arrived in Salinas. It was our intention to do laundry today. We visited three coin laundries. All three packed!

Sunday may not be a good day to do laundry in a working class neighborhood. We will try doing our laundry again mid-week.

On the way out of San Ardo this morning, Little iPhone captured a pic of big and gorgeous sunflowers. A farmer planted sunflowers as a border to the crops growing in the field.

San Ardo sunflowers!

ZTE Mobley
There is a lot of talk around the RVing crowd about a device called:
ZTE Mobley

Are you using the ZTE Mobley?

Image Test
Hi Everybody!

We wish to post images on our Blog which are the best for you. Our friend Kevin Read [Of Kevin and Ruth fame] clued us in that our images [when expanded] are much too small.

Below are images which have been resized. Would you please do us a favor?

Click on an image. The image should then resize. What we are looking for, is an image that grows to fill your computer screen complely.

Please send us your thoughts about these images in a comment.

Thank you sooooo much!

A: 1920 x 1080

B: 1280 x 720

C: 640 x 480

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 71 feet

Saturday, May 13, 2017


Day 6

Keeping In Shape

8am - Yesterday, my Blog to you mentioned that there may be no more 24 Hour Fitness Clubs until we reach the San Francisco Bay area. And north from there, appears to be no better! What to do?

Maybe "Dynamic Tension" would work for me? I Googled "Exercise without weights" and came up with lots of suggestions.

It is said, "How a person responds to a challenge is more important than the challenge itself." [Am I patting myself on my back? Maybe so! 😜]

9am - Nite Camp
We are still at our Nite Camp site. It is taking a bit longer this morning to do stuff. It's a "Slow Data" thing.

It took about 20 minutes to pay a bill to Kaiser. This would usually take only a few minutes!

Gotta love it!

10:10am - Morning stuff
As you may know, when we Nite Camp in a residential neighborhood as we did last nite, we arrive late [after 10pm], and leave early. We do this so our neighbors don't get nervous. Some do not like to see an unknown vehicle parked near their home.

This morning, after leaving our Nite Camp we made a Morning Camp in a KMart parking lot. Then George did his morning things [shave, brush teeth etc].

Then came Boid's stuff. We already had given Boid fresh seeds. Now we changed Boid's water. Gave him a 2" piece of Spray Millet. Changed paper towel at the bottom of the cage.

Next, George's breakfast. This morning, "Post-Honey Bunches of Oats with Crispy Almonds." Added 1/2 sliced banana.

Pic of Boid looking in from Scampy's rear window

12:50pm - San Ardo
We have just made an Afternoon Camp in the small Town of San Ardo. The Scampy RV Team is thinking about staying the nite in San Ardo!

When we went into the little [and only] grocery market here, everybody in the store was speaking Spanish. We love that!

View from our Afternoon Camp site
We did not recognize the green veggies growing in the field?

PS: The Town of San Ardo appears to be a friendly place. Not necessary for the Scampy RV Team to use any of our special camping techniques here! 

2:50pm - Cleaning
Much of the inside of Scampy is white fiberglass. Very shiny! No matter how much the white fiberglass is cleaned, there are always dirty spots remaining.

So, George keeps cleaning. It's a never ending job. George says, "It makes me feel important!"

Gotta love it! 😍

"No Country For Old Men"
This is a 2007 movie that contains violence, murder, insanity. But! It is directed, written and acted so well, that I love the movie!

A few days ago, the movie was downloaded from iTunes. We like downloaded movies much better than on DVDs. Hardly any room is needed for storage. Can be easily backed up. Our movies are stored on a 2-terrabyte standalone drive.

Click [Here] to watch a video trailer.

5pm - Moved
After one of the local residents knocked on Scampy's door asking if we were alright, we decided to move to a more "out-of-the-way" Nite Camp location.

Click on Nite Camp location link below, to see where we are.

We are in cattle country!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 582 feet


Friday, May 12, 2017

Going north

Day 5

Advice on California Hwy #1

7:15am - Yesterday, Reader Phil sent email warning about State Route #1. We checked the CalTrans website this morning. It appears that there are a bunch of closures. So, we are heading north on US #101.

MsTioga and I traveled the coast route [State #1] many times. It's a bit of a challenge to make Nite Camps along this extremely scenic road. Anyway, we will miss the gorgeous views!

Cricket low speed data
Yesterday we Blogged to you about how we were doing with Cricket Communication's low speed data connection. A few days ago, we used up all of our high speed data for the present period [Ending May 16th].

Our experience is, that very often, low speed data is pretty fast! Also, we are guessing that high speed data speed may be VERY slow at times.

So, we are just going to quit bothering ourselves with data speed stuff. What will be, will be!

10:30am - Breakfast
The Scampy RV Team has Morning Camped in the Town of Santa Margarita so that George may fix his breakfast. And it's a good one!

French toast, sausage and egg

Boid tweets!
During breakfast, Boid kept staring thru the window at the "No Overnight Camping" sign.

Finally, after a long time of staring, Boid tweeted:

"Wouldn't it be nice and friendly if that mean sign invited
travelers to stay over night at Farmer John's empty field?"

Boid stares at the mean sign!

12:15pm - Atascadero
We have arrived at the library in the City of Atascadero. Little iPhone bought the Jim Croce album, "Lost Time in a Bottle" and was having a tough time downloading the songs [because of the slow data thing].

The library has free WiFi. iPhone's songs are now downloading like crazy! 😊

4:30am - Staying in Atascadero
We are thinking about staying the nite in the City of Atascadero. Since leaving Lone Wolf, we have covered about 270 miles. Today only 35 miles. The Scampy RV Team is a take-it-easy crew!

We have scouted out our Nite Camp site. It's in a residential neighborhood. Next to a wood fence. When we stay in residential, we like having a fence next to us!

Stuff to mention:
  1. Looks as though there will be no more 24 Hour Fitness Clubs until we reach the San Francisco Bay area! Man-O-Man!! 
  2. John and Mimi buy their two budgies Millet Spray. We bought Millet Spray for Baby Boid this morning. Wow! Boid went thru his millet seeds sooooo fast! 

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 905 feet


Thursday, May 11, 2017


Day 4

Toughing It Out!

7am - This WiFi stuff is a pain! However, the harder it gets, the tougher we will get! We on the Scampy RV Team thrive on adversity!

Here's the thing. We wish to Blog several times a day. As the Scampy Team drives along, we Blog to you what's going on. That's what we do! So, using WiFi at a Starbucks, library, McDonalds, etc, does not work for us.

Reader Ray M. emailed about a thing named: ZTE Mobley Hotspot. We are going to check this out! 😎

8am - Google Directions
Something interesting!

Google Directions seems to work OK when we are using Cricket Communications on Low Speed!

9am - San Luis Obispo
We are heading to the City of San Luis Obispo to shop for the ZTE Mobley. Also, to find a 24 Hour Fitness Club.

Pismo Beach, where we are now, is just a bit too small for this kind of activity.

PS: For some reason right now, our Cricket mobile hotspot seems to be working good on slow speed?! Go figure?

10am - A road less traveled!
As the Scampy Team was heading toward San Luis Obispo, Little iPhone spotted the Pacific Ocean. "It's sooooo close!", he shouted. "Let's stop and I'll capture a pic!"

So, we stopped. Of course, just stopping wasn't the end of it. Just the beginning! It seems that when a Road Less Traveled is taken, marvelous things may occur. For us on the Scampy Team, taking this road has made a big difference!

Day Camped at Avila Beach Harbor

Reference: Robert Frost for use of his wonderful words.

11:15am - Avila Beach Harbor
Would you care to know something interesting about RVing here? OK!

An RVer may legally camp here for free for 20-hours a day! Yes! It's true! Yet, there are about 100 RVers dry camping a short distance from our Camp. And all of them are paying $50/day for those 4-hours!! Wow! That's $12.50/hour rent. Man-O-Man!

Sign: Free RV Camping 20-hours a day!

George, Baby Boid and Twee
Avila Beach Harbor

2:30pm - Scampy needs water
We have arrived in the City of San Luis Obispo. First we looked in a city park for water. Nothing.

Then we went to a Chevron gas station. We like Chevron, because they are a high priced gasoline place. And have amenities. Like an air/water station.

Scampy is good on water now!

Water at the Chevron

Three things we want to mention:

  1. There is no 24 Hour Fitness in the City of San Luis Obispo. Not a biggy right now. Because we have been working-out sooooo much.
  2. We used 0.9gb data yesterday. That was low speed data! We do not know why, but that low speed Cricket data has been really fast lately!?
  3. A house fly got inside Scampy, and Baby Boid is very curious. 

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 132 feet


Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Day 3

A Very Quiet Camp

7am - This Camp has been sooooo quiet for sleeping. All we could hear was the sound of silence.

We took Baby Boid out to take a peek at morning. A bird chirping from a nearby tree made Boid very excited! Boid chirped back at this unseen singing bird!

Little iPhone has taken a pic of the morning view from our Camp. We have always been thrilled by the look of shadows across distant mountains and hills when the Sun is low.

Our morning view

7:30am - High speed data gone!
Remember yesterday that I asked you what happens when my Cricket Communication's high speed data is used up?

Well, Cricket just sent a "heads up" text that I've used up 100% of my high speed data. Now, doing stuff online crawls. Sooooo slow.

However, I am going to just tough it out. No more $10 payments to Cricket for another GB of high speed data!

9am - Team Meeting
Little Honda called for a Team Meeting this morning. There seems to be a difference of opinion amongst Team Members about where to head to from where we are now.

Some want to head toward the Sierras, and search for adventure along rivers. Others want to go toward the Pacific Coast.

It was a close vote. But the Coast contingent won!

1pm - Pacific Ocean!
We have arrived at Rancho Guadalupe Dunes Preserve. Our Camp is hard up against the Pacific Coast. Several miles due west of the Town of Guadalupe.

The weather is mild. It is a grey overcast afternoon.

We plan to Afternoon Camp here until maybe 7pm. Then move easterly seeking our Nite Camp.

Our Afternoon Camp

Along the way today...

Farm workers labor in a field

The pic below shows the "only" access point for the Cuyama River that we found this morning. 

Even the fabulously powerful and intrepid MsTioga would have difficulty here. Because she would have to backup to exit.

Little Honda and Scampy would have said, "Uh Uh!" 
Cuyama River access point

7pm - Supper
Here is a pic of my supper tonite. I have not eaten big meals for about a year. I guess that this supper would be called, "A small meal?"

BBQ chicken and fried potato

Elevation: 162 feet

Tuesday, May 09, 2017


Day 2

24 Hour Hot Tub

6:45am - One of my favorite things to do at a 24 Hour Club was to soak in their hot tub. I would tell fellow hot tubbers, that this was my dessert after exercising.

That was before noticing a rash. That rash is Hot tub folliculitis. A condition which causes inflammation of hair follicles. This rash should clear itself up in a couple weeks.

Regardless, I am not going into 24 Hour's hot tubs anymore.

8am - Data question
While eating breakfast this morning, I was going over what happened to my Cricket Communication data usage this month.

I am buying 10gb high speed data each month. Never went over 10gb before. But, this month I went over! So, I bought 2gb more data for $20.

In just two days, I used so much data that I only have 800mb high speed data left?!

My question is: "What happens when I use all my high speed data?"

Matzos, eggs and onions and Jimmy Dean pork sausage

11am - Heading out
The Scampy Team is in the 24 Hour Fitness parking lot in the City of Lancaster. George has changed into T-shirt and short pants clothing!

We are heading out in the direction of the Town of Lebec California and the Bitter Creek National Refuge.

12:30pm - Town of Gorman
We have arrived in Gorman. During my boyhood, I heard tell of this town. My Dad and his two brothers mentioned the name numerous times. First time for me to visit Gorman.

After we headed out from the City of Lancaster, the Scampy RV Team drove thru a vast  almost flat desert! We may have driven past perhaps 50 square miles of solar power plants. Both wind and photovoltaic. There was one huge PV plant that was hard against the hills north of us. So big that it looked from a distance like a lake!

Gorman is a tiny town off of I-5

3am - Following Scampy?
If you are following Scampy on a map, we would like to clue you in on what's what!

Last nite we were looking at our paper map on how to travel to the Bitter Creek National Refuge. We spotted a little road labeled 9N05. This little road appeared to head directly to the Refuge!

But today, we could NOT find that road?!

So, we are heading up to the Town of Mettler. Then going westerly on State 166 to the Town of  Maricopa. From there we continue going on State 166 in sort of a southwesterly direction. After Maricopa, we should be pretty close to the Refuge.

Well, that's the scoop!

5pm - Bitter Creek Refuge!
Well, we have found our Nite Camp site at the west end of the Refuge.

You may be wondering about what we have to report?

  • Did we find a gorgeous forest with tall trees?
  • A sparkly flowing creek?
  • Fabulous vistas?
Well..... one of three is not bad. If you guessed "Fabulous vistas," you are right on! If we could have gone up another 1,500 feet elevation, we might be in that forest. As it is, we are at 4,560 feet altitude.

Panorama view from Nite Camp

The beginning of the road near Lebec

Green fruit trees. Amazing after all that desert!

Revolt against the water conservationists!

Violet flowers! Wow!
Not "wild" flowers

The California Condors have dibs 
on access to Bitter Creek

Elevation: 4,560 feet