Friday, June 23, 2017

Body shop

Day 44

Paint Little Honda Day

9am - Little Honda has an appointment this morning at Trachsel Body. Honda's rear bumper is to be replaced. Also, right-rear tail light.

It seems that George bumped that bumper numerous times while hitching up to Scampy! Also, just recently, some guy was guiding while we were backing up. He guided us into a pole! That was the coup de gras for the bumper.

Coup de gras for the bumper

10am - Trachsel Body & Paint
Would you care to see Little Honda's new parts?

$642 new bumper

$220 new tail light

PS: Total cost of repairs = $867.63

12 noon - Selling Honda
I've begun the learning experience of how to sell a car.


1pm - 24 Hour Fitness
Did you believe that we would race back to Tránsito to work on the cabinet installation? Ha! Nope! Plenty time for that!

Every other day we go to 24 Hour Fitness, if there's one close by.

PS: We like Salem, Oregon!

4pm - Back with Tránsito
We are now back with Tránsito, across the road from Mohr Motors.

This afternoon, Scampy's battery was checked and although specific gravity is in the Good Range, it's not good enough.

The battery is now being charged by our Renogy solar system.

Renogy solar panels

6:30pm - Insurance for Tránsito
Getting auto insurance for a person who travels around is odd.
➜  Insurance company: What is your physical address?
      Me: In front of Scampy.
➜  Insurance company: Where is your vehicle garaged?
     Me: There is no garage address.
➜ Where is your vehicle located at this time?
     Me: Salem, Oregon
➜ Insurance company: We need a street address.
     Me: I have no street address.
➜ Insurance company: Insurance regulations require a street address.
     Me: I guess that means no auto insurance for me!  

9:45pm - When the going gets tough......
......the tough go out to eat!
Today is the shits! Everything was hard.

I checked into an RV park because Scampy's battery would not send power thru our inverter. First time that happened!

I wanted to prepare a steak for supper. But! My grill is inside Tránsito. And Tránsito is back where we left him, across from Mohr Motors.

So, I went out to eat. I chose Shari's Cafe.

At Shari's, I wanted a milk shake. The price is $3.99 on the menu.

Me: I'd like this shake [pointing to the menu]
Waitress: What kind of burger to you want?
Me: I don't want a burger.
Waitress: The shake is $5.99 if you don't get a burger.
Me: I pay $2 more if the shake is not ordered with a burger?
Waitress: Yes.

Wow! $2 more!? Can you imagine that?

I asked to see the manager.
Me: I would like to receive a $3.99 shake with something else on the menu.
Manager: You will be charged $5.99 for a shake if you do not order a burger.

Gotta love it!

11pm - Guess what happened?
The manager came back after I had finished my meal and asked, "How was the food?"

I told her that the food was good. Service was good too. My only problem here was the $2 premium on my shake.

She told me, that she comped my meal! Wow! So I gave my waitress a $5 tip.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Twayler has it!

Day 43

Pink Slip Dilemma

9:30am - I've come to a decision about the pink slip for Little Honda. In yesterday's Blog, I wrote to you about that pink slip. It's in Apple Valley. Inside Twayler. At the Lone Wolf RV Park's storage yard.

Several Readers sent comments suggesting that a duplicate pink slip could be obtained from California DMV. And that would save a 2,000 mile round trip to obtain that pink slip.

This is correct. However, when I apply to California DMV for a new pink slip, the old pink slip becomes invalid.

Then, what happens if:
➡︎ The new pink slip gets lost in the mail?
➡︎ California DMV fouls up with the application?

If either of these two things would happen, I would have no way to transfer Honda's title to a new owner!

The safest thing for me to do is to make the trip to Twayler. What do you think about this?

11:45am - Introducing Tránsito!
In the pic below is Tránsito, Little Honda and Scampy. We are Day Camped across the street from Mohr Motors. On a Dead End street. Perfect place!

I drove Tránsito from Mohr Motors, looking for a nearby place for all of us to be together. And there it was!

After parking Transito, I took the short walk back to where Little Honda and Scampy were parked and made our Day Camp behind Transito!

Tránsito, Little Honda, Scampy

PS: Tránsito may be understood in Spanish to be "Passage."

1pm - Frying pan to fire!
Reader Big Ben emailed with a question.

Big Ben wrote:
"Why did you buy such a small tow vehicle? Going from Honda to Ford Transit is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire."

Big Ben asks a good question. And we on the Scampy RV Team have a good answer to that question!

No, Ben. Ford Transit has a lot more capacity. Can tow a bigger trailer. Will have a Class 3 hitch.

The trick in choosing an RV
Anybody with $dough$ may buy a large RV. The trick is buying the smallest RV possible and live comfortably in that right sized RV.

2:30pm - Little Honda's stuff to Tránsito
We just finished moving all of the stuff that was stored in Little Honda to Tránsito.

Yes! Tránsito is a mess at the moment. But George really needs to rest before doing more work. He's 79½ years old you know!

The Mess

5pm - Mailed Twayler's door key
Did you read the comment from Brilliant Vera?

Vera wrote:
"Make a duplicate key for twayler, send it to someone you trust and get that person to mail you the slip. That would be the most cost effective way and you would not have to make so many trips."

I've just returned from the US Post Office where the key was mailed to Lone Wolf RV Park. That's where Twayler is in storage.

Thank you Vera!!

8:30pm - Halted install
Have you ever installed sliding drawers into cabinets? Those extension slides are a bear cat to assemble. You must get them just right. Or you will not get them together at all.

When I worked as an apprentice cabinet maker I was about 59 years old. Now, at 79+, it's a whole lot harder to do!

So, I put a halt to that work for today. I hate to stop. Something inside me wants to keep on going.

Come to think about it, that's why I started RVing again. I saw seniors at Guava Gardens just plain stagnating. I had to get out of there. Away from them. I'm old, But I can still do! Just that I can't do as much as fast.

That something inside me will not let me stop. There's plenty of stop time after my last day on Earth.

Installing cabinets into  Tránsito


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Apple Valley

Day 42

Honda's Pink Slip
7:45am - Yesterday I phoned Rowena. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had to return to Apple Valley for Honda's pink slip.

In order to transfer ownership to the buyer, that pink slip has to be delivered. The pink slip is back in Apple Valley at Lone Wolf, inside sweet Twayler.

Rowena asked if I am going to fly? Flying never crossed my mind! I had planned to drive there with the Ford towing Scampy.

9am - Breakfast by George
When I made my breakfast this morning, Little iPhone captured a pic. Little iPhone told me, "That's a nice looking breakfast, George. Let's put it on the Blog!"

2pm - Little Honda to body shop
We made an appointment with Nels at Trachsel Body & Paint. Nels needed a paint sample from Honda.

We have an appointment for Honda to return on Friday, June 23rd at 10am. Honda should only be in the shop about an hour or so.

We don't know what it is about Oregonians! They are sooooo nice and polite. It's like all of the people in Oregon are from a small town.

3pm - Dealing with California DMV
It may seem to you that obtaining a Title of Ownership from California DMV would be an easy thing to do. It may turn out to be easy to do. However, keep in mind, this is California that we are dealing with.

Right at this moment, I have a phone call scheduled to come to me during the next hour or so from a DMV tech person. I'll report to you what happens!

3:40pm - Straight dope from the tech person!

I will be sending two forms to CA DMV:
➡︎ Change of address for Little Honda
➡︎ Application for duplicate or paperless title [pink slip] for Little Honda

The "pink slip" requires a $20 payment.

Since it will take about one month to receive the title [pink slip], I may be able to use that month to find a buyer for Honda so that I may receive the best
$price$. 😀

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 235 feet


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Good Bye Scampy

Day 41

New RV

5:30am - Yesterday, with all the hullabaloo about buying a new tow vehicle, we went ahead and sold Little Honda and Scampy. We also stopped the buy of the Ford Transit.

We bought the RV below! It's a fantastic all-in-one RV! No tow vehicle required!

Our New Futuristic RV!

8am - Ha! Me make big joke!

1pm - The Plan
➡︎ Trailer hitch - The 2012 Ford Transit connect needs a trailer hitch. We have an appointment at U-Haul in the City of Salem for that. The Tekonsha brake controller that is now in Honda will be removed and installed in the Ford.

➡︎ Sell Honda In order to sell Honda we have to fix her up nice. Honda needs the rear bumper replaced. Tomorrow we go to Trachsel Auto Body in Salem to arrange for that bumper. Honda needs all of the stuff in the rear [cabinets, etc] removed. Then get Honda detailed.

We have not determined how to go about selling Honda. Direct to a buyer? To a dealer?

3pm - Lance 650 Truck Camper
Highway Trailer Sales here in Salem, Oregon has in their inventory a couple of Lance 650s. We like the way the 650 looks online. So, went over to take a look.

Wow! We were sooooo surprised to find out that our Scampy has much more interior storage than a Lance 650!

Salesman Tim told me, "Truck campers are not known for their storage. A roof box may be used to increase storage!"

Man-O-Man! What a sales pitch!

Now, with that Lance 650 viewing behind us, we are sooooo happy with our Scampy. We were happy before. But now, really, really happy!

Nice looking interior though!

6pm - State Capitol Building
Little iPhone was begging to go capture a pic of the State Capitol Building here in the City of Salem, Oregon. So, of course we went!

Capitol building in Salem

Sunday, June 18th - Sunday Market
Rowena and I took the MAX train to Portland last Sunday. That was the day of the Pride Parade.

We walked around the Sunday Marketplace. Looking at all the stalls with things for sale or display.

Little iPhone captured the pics below. iPhone would like to share them with you.

A City

John Lennon and Elvis Presley

Mushroom and plants in a bowl 

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 237 feet


Monday, June 19, 2017


Day 40

What caused problem?

8am - My decision that Scampy's brakes did not need to be hooked up, led to the hitch failure. I came to the conclusion about not hooking up Scampy's brakes because Little Honda's brakes brought Scampy to a stop so easily.

However, I did not recognize that without Scampy's brakes, all of the load would be borne by the hitch.

Many Readers, because of the hitch failure, are of the opinion that Little Honda should be replaced with a larger vehicle. With the above explanation in mind, I disagree with this opinion.

Getting a different tow vehicle
There is no doubt that a Honda FIT is not the best tow vehicle for Scampy. So, I am going to shop for a different tow vehicle.

Perhaps a Ford Transit?

4pm - 2012 Ford Transit
Here is a pic of George in Salem, Oregon with our new tow vehicle!

 George and 2012 Ford Transit!

This Ford Transit is a small size van with built-in cabinets in the cargo area that have slide out drawers!

6pm - Specifications: 
2012 Ford Transit Connect trailer hitch:

Trailer Hitch Size:
2 Inch Hitch Opening

Towing Capacity:
350 Pound Tongue Weight
3500 Pound Towing

Weight Distribution Towing Capacity:
400 lbs WD TW Pound Tongue Weight
4000 lbs WD GTW Pound Towing

PS: Click [Here] to view page with the above specifications.

7pm - Bush's Pasture Park
We have made an Evening Camp in Bush's Pasture Park. Right after this Blog post, Little iPhone is sooooo anxious to take a walk about this lovely place.

There is a sign here reading:
"Park closed midnight to 5am"

In Scampanese, this translates to:
"OK to remain here until midnite!"

Scampy and Little Honda in Bush's Park

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 219 feet

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Day 39

2" Riser

7:30am - In several past Blog posts, we have mentioned having air suspension installed into Honda's rear. However, we now believe that the adjustable feature of air suspension is not needed.

Honda's road clearance is 2" lower in the rear than in the front. So, we want to get 2" risers installed in Honda's rear in order to level out.

10am - Buy another tow vehicle?
Readers commenting have many suggestions on how to resolve the low clearance issue. 

Reader Rita commented:
"I'm thinking trade in your Honda for vehicle that can tow Scampi....why mess with tweaking this and that. The hitch might come off while towing....scary."

Of course Rita is correct. Another tow vehicle would do the trick. And the hitch could possibly come off.

However, it is my feeling that if I want to spend money, a truck with a camper would be the way to go.

Here would be that plan:
➜ Sell Scampy
➜ Sell Honda
➜ Sell Twayler
➜ Buy a Lance 650 Truck Camper and a truck [Link]


Saturday, June 17, 2017


Day 38

New hitch & brake controller

8:20am - While the Scampy team is staying in the City of Beaverton, we receive our mail and packages at Marjie's home. We introduced you to Margie when we Blogged about Rowena's birthday party.

Yesterday, Rowena picked up two packages delivered to Marjie's and brought them home where we got them. One of those packages contained our new Curt trailer hitch and Tekonsha brake controller!

Now we have to select a shop to install the hitch and controller.

George hefts the Curt hitch!

9am - Installation!
We just made an appointment to install the trailer hitch and brake controller
at U-Haul here in the City of Beaverton today, June 17th at 12:15pm.


4pm - Test drive
Wow! It took almost four hours for U-Haul to complete the installation. Only 1/2-hour for the hitch. The rest of the time for the brake controller.

We took Scampy and Honda for a test drive. When passing thru a steep driveway, there still remains a little scraping of the hitch on the driveway. Not as much as before the new hitch was installed.

The bottom of the hitch appears to be about an inch higher now.

New hitch side view

The forward section of the hitch
[Area repaired by welding shop]


Friday, June 16, 2017


Day 37

Always Making Improvements

9:20am - Not a day goes by where we are not tweaking something in order to be better. Today we are installing guides to keep Scampy's stainless stove top in place.

We have tried using plastic bottle caps for this guide. And rectangular wood blocks. Now we are using wood rounds, cut to length. These rounds seem to work best. The rounds are held in place using Gorilla Glue.

We on the Scampy RV Team enjoy sooooo much this kind of work!

Round wood guide held in place with Gorilla Glue

PS: It is now 12:45pm. Maybe long enough for the round wood guide to be secure with Gorilla Glue. We tried it. Worked perfect. Nice and tight!

2pm - Waxed Scampy's floor
It took a few tries to get down how to go about cleaning and waxing Scampy's floor.

Half of the floor is cleaned and left to dry. Then, liquid wax is applied. Left to dry. Then waxed again. It took about 3-applications of wax to look good.

Then, when the waxed half of the floor is dry, the same thing is done to the other half of the floor.

Do you like to clean and wax a floor too?

5pm - Hanging out and watch movie
Rowena sent a text invitation to me. "Do you want to hang out and then later watch a movie?"

Sounds good to me!

Rowena bought finger food. Crackers and hummus. Yummmm! And, she prepared prepared deviled eggs. Double yummmm!

Doesn't this look really good?

Rowena talking to her sister who lives in Singapore


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Free as birds

Day 36

State Jumper

8am - Yesterday when the Scampy Team was in Washington, George worked out at the 24 Hour Fitness. Today we are in Oregon. And George worked out at the 24 Hour Fitness here.

This may seem to be a small thing to get excited about. But jumping around like that, really tickles us! We love being free as birds. 

Birthday party
Text messages between George and Rowena:
George: For some unknown reason we are now in the State of Washington. How did we get here?
Rowena: Because you are a vagabond. But you have to come back Thursday afternoon because you are invited to my birthday party along with my ladies.
George: I will definitely be back! Who are the ladies?
Rowena: On Thursday you will find out :-)
George: Oh! It's sort of a wait-and-see kind of thing? OK!

Note: Goody, goody, goody! We love parties! 

12 noon - We have tools!
Did you ever wonder why we put all the effort into building the two cabinets with full extension drawers that are installed into Little Honda?

The reason was to have an organized way to store our tools and building supplies.

In the pic below is a 3/4" wood round that is clamped to the table. The wood round is being cut for a project to secure Scampy's stove top.

Temporary shop

PS: We are constantly doing projects like this!

1pm - Another Ruth & Herman wall pic
This should cause you to wonder a bit?

5pm - Rowena's birthday party
The party was held at the Old Gold Restaurant in Portland. This is the first time that I met Rowena's ladies. We really hit it off! Great time! Good talk!

L-R Marjie, Kathleen, Mimi, Rowena


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Day 35

Firming Up

7:30am - You may not be of an advanced age. So, you may not have wondered if old persons are able to get firm muscles when working out. I know that I wondered about that. In fact, my work out strategy was just to keep in shape. Not build muscles. Because I believed that my old body would not do that anymore.

Most of the youngish people at 24 Hour Fitness exercise using the strategy of using the maximum weight. Increase weight for each set, until the weight cannot be completed. In other words, increase weight until you fail.

Yesterday at 24 Hour on the way to take a shower, I happened to see myself in large mirror. Surprise! I had muscles! Shoulders, chest, arms.

Pretty neat! 😎

12:45pm - Propane
We went to U-Haul to have Scampy's propane tank filled.

U-Haul guy: You have to take the tank off of the trailer.
George: Why?
U-Haul guy: State law. Tanks cannot be filled when on a trailer.
George: Do you fill propane tanks on motorhomes?
U-Haul guy: Yes.
George: I don't understand?
U-Haul guy: We cannot remove a propane tank from a motorhome. They are attached. Inside compartments.
George: Oh? I don't get it? How is a propane tank on my trailer different from a propane tank on a motorhome?
U-Haul guy: It's the law.

1:45pm - Compliment!
In yesterday's Blog we wrote about having lunch with Reader Tom and his wife Christine.

Tom commented in today's Blog:

"PS: I say this as a warm compliment, but after talking with you, you really remind me of Bob Schieffer! ;)"

Bob Schieffer
Tioga George

2:30pm - LightCurve on the Road
The first time meeting Mike Fousie was in 2003. Mike is a retired journalist. His Blog is "LightCurve on the Road."

Mike was big into 3D pics. And he got me started into that too.

A year or so ago, Mike dropped out of sight. When I went to his Blog, GoDaddy came up. I figured that my friend Mike, had passed away. Almost all of my friends from years ago, have died.

This morning, an email from Mike Fousie arrived. Mike is alive. Big time health problems though!

We  will get together soon!

Mike Fousie

6pm - Most insane sign of them all!
When Little iPhone saw this crazy sign, he had to go back and capture it!

Got to cost a whole lotta $dough$ to pick up litter in Beaverton! Or maybe trash collectors get paid $250/hour. Beaverton trash picker-uppers should be on call!

On Hwy 8 in Beaverton

7pm - Back in Beaverton!
We are Evening Camped in our old haunt where we have camped a lot before. Nobody bothers us. Very quiet.

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 178 feet


Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Day 34

Staying Put

6:30am - The Scampy Team likely will stay in Portland for awhile. We want to have all the following things that we have been Blogging to you about recently put to bed:

➜ Replacement Curt trailer hitch
➜ Brake controller for Scampy
➜ Firestone Ride-Rite suspension

Note: It's been a long learning experience for me to get to understand how the above three items relate to each other.

2pm - Staying put?
So, we Blogged that we would be staying put. And what did we do? Head out to the State of Washington. Wow! With the Scampy RV Team, you just never know what's going to happen!

Before we clue you in where we are right now, we wish to tell you about a nice lunch that we had at the Black Bear Diner in Beaverton. Reader Tom and his wife Christine invited us out for lunch!

Tom took a pic of the three of us. We will publish it here soon.

L-R Tom, George,Christine and Scampy

Ultimate Public Campgrounds
At the suggestion the of famous RVer, Kevin Read [Link], a couple of weeks ago, we bought the "Ultimate Public Campgrounds App." After lunch this afternoon, we took a peek at this map and the Government Island State Recreation Area caught our eye.

This place is in the State of Washington. Well, that's OK for the adventuresome Scampy RV Team. So, at the drop of a hat, we headed out!

What we did not know until arriving, was that Government Island is an actual island. No bridges. Only accessible by boat! Would you believe?

Well, when the tough get going and meet obstacles, they must adapt. Nowadays, with advent Google Maps and Directions, searching an area is sooooo easy! We found a nearby place on the map that appeared promising. It's the:
Henry J. Kaiser Shipyard Memorial

When we arrived, the usual "No Camping" signs made their appearance. Do we care about such signs? Ha!

This was our proposed Nite Camp Location:
Elevation: 2 feet

This place was MUCH too noisy. There appeared to be some kind of mill just behind us. So, we moved. We scouted out a better Nite Camp outside of the park on some industrial property.

Meanwhile, we shall Evening Camp inside the park and exit before the 10pm park closing time.

Note: We just returned from a long walk about this place and learned from historic plaques that this was the location of one of the Kaiser Shipyards of World War 2. 

The shipyards were the brain child of the incredibly talented, 
Henry J. Kaiser.

9pm - 24 Hour Fitness
Guess what? Just before we were settling down for the nite at a location close to the Columbia River, we wondered if perhaps there was a 24 Hour Fitness close by. And, there was! So, we headed over there.

Since we mostly make our Camps on the street, we have found that it is best to locate our Nite Camp while there is daylite. It gets harder doing that at nitetime.

We located that Nite Camp site. Marked its location using iPhone. Then returned to 24 Hour. We just got out from our workout at 9pm. Good workout too!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 214 feet


Monday, June 12, 2017

Boid 'n Me

Day 33

My Pal Boid

6:30am - Do you have a friend like my Little Boid? A friend who is always happy to see you when you come home? Isn't it a wonderful thing?

Boid wants me to do things for him. And at about the same time each day too. When we get up each morning, Boid wants me to play Johnny Mathis songs. If instead, Boid hears Beach Boys, Beatles, Queen, Eagles or even Frank Sinatra, he is not the mellow guy that he usually is in the morning. He looks at me and screeches until Johnny Mathis is playing.

Right now Boid is making gurgling tweeting sounds while looking out Scampy's rear window. He is peaceful. But, if we change the music to Nirvana, for example, pandemonium breaks out! Boid begins to bob his head up and down and looks around the room and screeches. As if to ask, "What's going on?"

Morning Boid

12 noon - Tenacious
Long time Reader Bill in Chico commented:
"Got to hand it to you George, you're tenacious! Keep on truckin"

I'd like to comment on what Bill wrote:
"In today's world, to succeed in an endeavor, I have to be tenacious. Refusing to yield. Not paying mind to naysayers telling me that I'm wrong."

My friend Rowena and I were talking about what is necessary to do when doing something new. Something for which we do not have experience.

"I advised her: "The important thing is to just get going. You do not have to be sure of what direction to take. Nor to know what to do. Just step out and see what happens.Then.....correct"

1pm - New hitch and brake controller
Yesterday we Blogged to you that a Portland company,  "Rack Attack" would supply the replacement hitch and the new brake controller. However, it turned out that their prices were out-of-sight. So, we cancelled with Rack Attack and ordered from the ETrailer Corporation website.

Click [Here] to view the hitch that we bought.

Click [Here] to view our new brake controller.

Also, we found Mike's Mobile Hitch Service. Mike offers to come out to us and install the replacement hitch and brake controller. Click [Here] to view info about Mike.

4pm - Fountain Park
On Saturday's here in  Beaverton's Fountain Park there is a Farmer's Market. In order to provide for the vendors, the City of Beaverton has installed electric outlets on all of the light poles.

These electric outlets are powered up all the time 24/7. Transient persons are allowed to use this electric power. Right now, there is an older van plugged in. Also, we on the Scampy RV Team are plugged in.

This is a very hospitable thing for the City to do. We have experienced much less hospitality from most communities during our travels.

George holds the Battery Tender Plus
charger for you to see

From Ruth and Herman's wall
I met Ruth and Herman several years ago in the Pueblo of Aticama on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. They are friends of Rowena. I am happy to say that Ruth and Herman are friends of mine too.

I captured this from their wall:


Sunday, June 11, 2017

On the road

Day 32

Fulltiming in Scampy

7:30am - It seems that only a few months ago, that living in Scampy for an extended time was kinda worrisome. And now, here we are with this morning's Blog.  The 32nd day of this present trip.

So, how is it living fulltime in Scampy? Comfortable! That's what it is!

We are Morning Camped in the business park where the 24 Hour Fitness that we use is located. I'm still in my pajamas. Blogging while in bed. Baby Boid has yet to receive his morning seeds. iPhone is playing music. 

We are thinking about going to the nearby Tom's Pancake House for breakfast. Good time!

12 noon - New trailer hitch
Yesterday we Blogged to you about replacing Little Honda's trailer hitch. The company that will do this work is Rack Attack in the City of Portland, Oregon.

We also wish to have Rack Attack install a brake controller for Scampy's brakes.

1pm - Value of Blog Readers
Do you appreciate the immense value received from Blog Readers?

In our 12 noon post, we Blogged about having a brake controller installed in Little Honda for Scampy's brakes. The reason for our decision to have that brake controller installed came from Reader Tom [LorbeerTLC] who wrote:

"Because of your unibody construction, do you have trailer brakes? I ask because if not, that also might have contributed to your spare tire wheel well cracking."

Thank you sooooo much Reader Tom! 😎

4:30pm - Here's the thing!
When the work that we have coming up for Little Honda is complete, both Scampy and Honda will be riding level. The forces on Little Honda's trailer hitch will be minimized.

After that, the Scampy RV Team will be lovin' life and cruising easy.

It took George a whole lot of time to get this hitch stuff understood. Now we are able to see the light at the end of this particular tunnel. 😎


Saturday, June 10, 2017


Day 31

Air Springs

7am - We have been searching for a solution to Little Honda's hitch and leveling problems for a very long time. Just last Thursday we spent several hours driving all over the Portland area visiting spring and suspension shops. At the end of that day, the conclusion was clear. There was no solution for a 2013 Honda FIT.

This morning we visited online the Firestone Ride-Rite website. You may view that website yourself by clicking [Here]. We found EXACTLY what we were looking for! A suspension system for a 2013 Honda FIT. Our Little Honda!

What all of those spring and suspension shops informed us was not available, is actually available!

What is the lesson for us to learn here?: Never give up!

2pm - Order of things to be done
1. Replace our Curt hitch
When we were first learning to tow Scampy, it appears
that the Curt hitch was torqued. This caused the hitch to
slightly turn downward. Before the Firestone Ride-Rite
system is installed, we want the hitch replaced.

2. Install the Firestone Ride-Rite system
We visited a Les Schwab place in Beaverton. They are 
authorized to install Ride-Rite.

7pm - Playing with Boid
Baby Boid loves to hear other Budgies singing on YouTube videos.

Boid is pretty tame. In the morning when he receives fresh seeds and fresh water, he lets me pet him and hold him in my hand!

Boid getting his pic taken

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 193 feet


Friday, June 09, 2017


Day 30

My Apology

5am - This is an apology to all of my Readers. I made a terrible mistake by overloading the cargo area in the rear of Little Honda.

I realized that mistake yesterday while doing online research about Honda's suspension system. I learned that Honda's Base Curb Weight is 2,496 pounds [Link].

However, the actual weight of Little Honda is 3,300 pounds. It might be that the weight difference of 804 pounds is the reason for some of the hitch problems that have been occurring.

10am - Gardening with Rowena
Rowena [aka Weng] does gardening for a living.  And being that we are friends, I asked Rowena to go with her to a client to see what goes on.

Also, by coincidence, I happen to be friends with this client.

Rowena on the job

4pm - Rain
It's been a bit rainy this afternoon. So, I have not had much chance to check out my overload of the Honda idea as being responsible for the rear end being low.

The rain has been coming down steadily for about two hours. When MsTioga was around, the coming of rain brought concern for leaks. However, with Scampy, there is no concern about rain leaking in. Because Scampy is all fiberglass. No leaks at all!

8:30pm - Solving Honda's low clearance
We wish to get some data on what is causing Little Honda's low rear clearance. We need some real numbers!

This afternoon, a meeting was held. Everybody on the Scampy RV Team attended. It was decided that all the cargo onboard Little Honda would be removed. Everything! Including the two cabinets with full extension sliding drawers.

When Little Honda is completely empty, we then will be able to see what the clearance looks like. When Scampy is off Honda's hitch, are the front and rear clearance now equal?

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 190 feet


Thursday, June 08, 2017

Little Honda

Day 29

Should Everything Be Changed?
Note: Yesterday at 5pm, I Blogged the same post that you see below at 8am.

8am - What to do now?
Several readers have commented that the Honda is a very poor tow vehicle for pulling Scampy.

W3JDR wrote:
Overall, I'd say you're slowly killing this little car. I wouldn't be surprised by possible premature transmission failure and likely premature brake wear. I think you're courting disaster applying bandaids to a basic use-case problem.

OK! There it is!  I very likely made a mistake thinking that I would buy a light trailer [Scampy] to be towed by the Honda.

Sooooo! What to do now?

11am - Breakfast pic
While all of this stuff is going on about Little Honda and Little Scampy, life goes on! And one of those things going on is preparing breakfast.

Today's breakfast turned out to be a good one!

wWBreakfast in Beaverton

1pm - Running around town
We have been going to auto repair, spring and suspension shops to find out about raising up Little Honda's rear end.

Here are the shops that we went to:
➜ Bassitt Auto Repair
➜ Erickson Trailers
➜ Firestone Complete Auto Care
➜ PSI [Portland Speed Industries]
➜ Oregon Auto Spring Services
➜ Line Up Shop

After going to all of these shops, we learned that there is nothing available to lift up Little Honda's rear end. 

If we wished to do this job, it would require the fabrication of special parts. $1,000s of dollars.

4pm - Got sooooo tired!
We had started our trip to return back to Beaverton. Commuter traffic was huge. We had to pull over and get out of that mess.

There was a place for us behind a Chevron station. Scampy's bed was setup and George took a 1/2 hour nap. After that nap, our Blog was updated so that you would know what had gone down this afternoon.

7pm - Sushi
There is a sushi place in a shopping center near our Nite Camp. This place looks to be very popular! So, I went there for a look-see.

The sushi was sooooo good! And inexpensive too.


Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 190 feet