Friday, July 21, 2017

Power Crazy

Day 72

California DMV

The primary job of California DMV is to invent, create, formulate, think up new ways to confuse California car drivers. And DMV is excellent at their job!

When I bought Tránsito, I was traveling in the State of Oregon. I needed help in doing what California DMV requires. I would NOT in any case do this stuff myself. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Day 71

Ultimate RVers

In the vast history of the World of RVing, there have never been an RVing Team greater than the one of Tioga and George! 

Back on March 15th, 2014, George's heart stopped beating while at the wheel of MsTioga [Link]. George was unconscious as MsTioga careened off Interstate 5 into a farmer's field in the City of Bakersfield, California.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Day 70

Not Perfect Anymore

Late last nite I was driving in the parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness in Salem, Oregon. I heard a sound like something dragging under Tránsito. 

I believed that I was now stopped, because I put Tránsito into park. But Tránsito was NOT in park! Tránsito was in REVERSE!

When I went to get out to see what was dragging,

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Day 69

Scamp Plumbing Leak

For several days, Team Members returning to MsScampy have noticed moisture on the kitchen floor. We looked for the source. Something leaking in the fridge? The shower?

When the leak source was not found, we cleaned up by mopping the kitchen floor and chalked this moisture up to an unnoticed spill.

Monday, July 17, 2017


Day 68

All The Laundry

Down the street from our Nite Camp, is the best coin laundry ever! Wonderful machines. Both washers and dryers. Today we are at that coin laundry. And are going to wash every single piece of clothing, towels, rags, etc. 

When I went into the coin laundry, there was a guy there sweeping the floor. This guy was wearing a kippah, worn by Jews to fulfill the requirement that the head be covered.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

We are good

Day 67

Scampy Team In Great Shape


We are in The City of Beaverton's Fountain Park. The park does not open until 8am. That time isn't enforced. In fact, all over Oregon, regulations on parking and sleeping in a vehicle [ie; RV] are not enforced.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Day 66

Finishing Friday's Blog

Here's the story! We must finish Friday's Blog today [Saturday].

I've just finished publishing my Blog for Friday, July 14th. [Finally!]

Friday, July 14, 2017


Day 65

Mac Making Sound

Mr. Mac Air is such a steady guy! Never gives us trouble. Just goes along forever!

This morning, Mac Air's fan began moaning! The fan stops and starts! Do you think that we should send Mr. Mac Air to the Apple Store for doctoring?

How do we know if a Scampy Team member is a boy or girl?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lincoln City

Day 64

Back In Salem

Yesterday evening we headed out from Lincoln City and arrived
in Oregon's state capitol of Salem. The main reason that we are here in Salem is to square away Tránsito's vehicle registration with Mohr Motors [We bought Tránsito from Mohr].

Of course we want to go shopping for our Tweaking Projects. Tweaking seems to be our drug of choice. We are definitely addicted to Tweaking! 😎

Please click the Read more link:

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Day 64

Solve The Mysterious Image

2:30am - Yesterday I deleted some files that appeared to me to be corrupted. Anyway, I did not know what these files were. So, I sent them to trash.

Right after that, a very strange image appeared in my Chrome and Safari browsers. An extremely tiny image. The image is located just to the right of the word "Campaigns" in the pic below.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Battery challenged

Day 62

Just In Time!

7am - The Scampy Team's solar battery charging system has come together in the Nick of Time!

This morning when we were getting out of bed, we heard the ominous alarm squeal of our Samlex Inverter! This meant something was wrong either on the input or output end of the Samlex.

We knew that it was almost 100% that it was on the input! Scampy's deep cycle battery was too low! 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Comments 2

Day 61

 Reader Discussions

On July 7th, 2017 I Blogged to you:

7am - First off, I am not turning my RVing Adventure Blog into some kind of political thing.

But, every once in awhile, I would like to present things here that may prompt Readers to comment on things political.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Keeping Cool

Day 60

T-Shirt & Short Pants Weather

7:30am - Back in the days of MsTioga, we were forever on a search for T-Shirt & Short Pants Weather. Wow! Those were the days! When we found that lovely weather, there was no need for air-conditioning. And George did not suffer because of high temperature.

Here at Depoe Bay, and likely all of Oregon's Pacific Coast, T-Shirt & Short Pants Weather abounds!

Saturday, July 08, 2017


Day 59
Install It Myself

1am - I woke up from an evening nap a little while ago, and a thought popped into my brain! "I can install that isolator myself!"

Yesterday afternoon when I was talking to Kerob, the shop owner of
Car Audio 101 in Depoe Bay, some of the things that he told me just did not ring true:
➜ It would take 3-hours to install the isolator
➜ That the wire for the installation was expensive
➜ The installation cost would be over $300

Thinking back to my conversation with Kerob,

Friday, July 07, 2017

J's Fish

Day 58

Lincoln City

7am - Yesterday afternoon, the temperature in the Capitol City of Salem got a bit high [85℉]. So we headed toward Lincoln City on the Pacific Coast.

You may know that there is more than coolness in Lincoln City. 
There is the fabulous J's Fish and Chips!

9am - Batteries again
I've been closely monitoring both Tránsito's Engine Starting Battery and Scampy's Deep Cycle Battery. Both of these batteries are receiving a charge while Tránsito's engine is running. I put a voltmeter on the output of Tránsito's hitch cable this morning in order to make sure that current is flowing to Scampy's battery. It is.

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Thursday, July 06, 2017


Day 57

Discussions Among Readers

7am - First off, I am not turning my RVing Adventure Blog into some kind of political thing.

But, every once in awhile, I would like to present things here that may prompt Readers to comment on things political.

I know that for myself, sometimes I get a little lazy about my responsibility as a citizen of our Republic. And, sometimes I get to thinking, "What's the use?"

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Day  56

Lucas and Little Honda

10am - We have an appointment with Lucas, Little Honda's new owner. We're going to the bank with Lucas.

AT the bank, we will exchange Little Honda's Pink Slip [Certificate of Title] for a check.

It is PayDay!

George, Lucas and Little Honda

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Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Day 55

United States of America 
At 241 years

How is the US doing?
In my opinion, our country on its 241st birthday is in terrible shape. The Federal Government has been driven into bankruptcy by what is known as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Do not believe what the government creeps tell you. That it is impossible for our Federal Government to go broke. The Federal Government can go broke. And will go broke. That is an absolute certainty.

The Federal Reserve is extremely easy to understand:
➜ A Central Bank had its roots around the beginning of our country, 1776. In order to finance our Revolution, the Continental Congress printed the new nation's first paper money. Known as "continentals," the fiat money notes were issued in such quantity they led to inflation.
➜ The baloney behind the creation of the Federal Reserve was that the FR would be able to control financial panics.
➜ A financial panic comes when people who have money in a bank go to withdraw some of their funds and their money is not there!
➜ What happens is, banks should keep a large amount of their depositor's funds on hand. Cash, in the bank. Maybe 80% +. These funds are called reserves.
➜ However, bankers are [In my opinion] crooks. They gamble with depositor's money and lose. Then the money is not in the bank for customer's to withdraw. And what do they do then? They close the bank's doors! That closing creates a bank panic.

Jump from 1913 to 2009
The Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913. Let us jump forward in time from 1913 to 2009. Somewhere around 2000 to 2007, banks began to act very irresponsibly by gambling with their depositors money.

What those banks did, was to lend money out to unqualified borrowers. Why did the banks do such a stupid thing? Greed! The banks wanted to earn the fee that they received when they made a loan. Sub-prime mortgages became the in thing!

In 2008, when unqualified borrowers went belly-up, the mortgage loan market collapsed. Thousands of these mortgages went bad. $2 Trillion Dollars! Up in smoke. Gone!

But that was not enough for the banks! The invention of "bundled mortgages" led to the ability of banks to sell their mortgages. With those sales, lenders now had funds to create new mortgages. These bundled mortgages were labelled: Collateralized Debt Obligations [CDOs].

Who did the lenders blame? The US Congress!

Derivatives exploded uncontrollably: Collateralized debt obligations [CDOs] provided the first “infinite market”; at the height of the crash, derivatives accounted for 3 times global economy!!!!

Note: A derivative is like an insurance policy which guarantees that the value of a financial investment does not decline. 

Bottom Line
So, what is going to happen? A banking crisis is coming. When? Who can tell?

But the next time banks fold, there will be no Federal Reserve Bank to come to their rescue. Because the FR spent all their $dough$ and more to save the banks from the mortgage crisis of 2008. The FR is broke! As shown by the federal debt that the FR created which is now over $20 trillion bucks up from about $10 trillion in 2009.

The *shit* will hit the fan.

Yesterday - Searching for White Mountain
We have caught glimpses of a very large white [snow covered?] mountain to the north of Beaverton. But we could not get a clear view!

In Beaverton, there are sooooo many trees, that getting a clear view of White Mountain is pretty much impossible. But that impossibility does not stop The Scampy RV Team! No siree!

Around 7pm yesterday, we set out to take a pic of White Mountain. We knew that we had to head north, searching for higher ground. There had to be a clear place where Little iPhone could capture White Mountain.

On and on we searched. We came across private property that appeared to have the clear view we sought. But, we could not trespass!

Then we came to a cemetery. And there it was! A clear view of White Mountain and a surprise Big Mountain too!

White Mountain
Mount Adams

Big Mountain
Mount Saint Helens

Note: We are The Scampy RV Team. We are intrepid! When we set our minds to something, we carry on no matter what! 😎

9am - US Strategy in Eastern Syria
We are wondering what would happen now, if Barack Obama were still our President? President Trump's strategy is very aggressive unlike President Obama's passive stance.

The downing on June 18th of a Syrian Air Force SU-22 by a US Navy F-18 Super Hornet over the skies of Northern Syria would almost certainly not have happened under Obama.

Now, if you are OK with Israel going down in flames, Obama is your man. But if not, perhaps you should have a second think about Obama.

Click [Here] to read about what happened.

10am - Found a Rock!
We found a rock in a planter at the U-Haul in Salem. The rock is gorgeously painted.

3pm - Boid & George outside!
Baby Boid and George never even considered Scampy's awning as useful. But that was during the cold of Winter.

Now, it is Summertime! Inside Scampy it is 83℉. Outside under Scampy's awning, a lovely cool breeze is wafting by!

Ah! This is the life of a fulltime RVer.

Baby Boid and George under Scampy's awning
Rear-Fred Meyer Parking Lot

7pm - Fireworks!
While we were still at our Fred Meyer Afternoon Camp, we searched Google for best Salem fireworks display. We came up with Riverfront City Park.

When we arrived at Riverfront Park, the place was packed with persons also wanting to see fireworks.

Looking at a Google map of the area, we spotted the West Salem Boat Ramp across the Williamette River. Perfect!

We headed over to that boat ramp. We are here now. The fireworks display begins about 10pm!

Click [Here] to view our location at the boat ramp.

Riverfront City Park across the Wiliamette River
From the West Salem Boat Ramp

The Finale!

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 213 feet


Monday, July 03, 2017


Day 54

Battery Challenged

9am - Reader Nick Gatel commented a couple of days ago:
"I recommend you have the battery "load tested."

The Scampy Team was heading over to Fountain Park in order to put Scampy's Deep Cycle battery on charge again [The Park has live electric power outlets]. On the way [Strangely enough], we were passing "Battery Xchange" [A place that sells and services batteries]. Remembering Nick's advice, we pulled in.

The guy there first checked Scampy's battery with a hydrometer. The hydrometer check showed the battery to be about 75% charged. Then he hooked up the battery to a load tester. Without me asking for a load test!! Would you believe! 

The guy reported that the battery has good load capacity. And then he advised, "Put the battery on charge for 24-hours at a 3-amps charge rate. If you charge at high amperage, the plates in deep cycle batteries may get warped!

I've been RVing since 2003 and have always had deep cycle batteries. I never knew about this 3-amp charge rate thing!

Charging up in Beaverton's Fountain Park

3:30pm - Sorted Tránsito out
We just finished putting away the big jumble of stuff that was tossed into
Tránsito's storage. 

Guess what happened then? We found that the wood cabinet drawers that we were going to install into Tránsito are not needed!

Note: A few readers figured this out awhile ago and emailed that this would happen!

Everything sorted out!

Out with the wood cabinet drawers!

Yesterday - Mexican food with Rowena
A few days ago, I invited my friend Rowena [Weng] out for supper. We went to a very nice place named, "Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant" in downtown Portland.

I first met Rowena in Aticama, Mexico. That was 2009. Now, we are very good friends!


PS: I am enjoying my leftover Mexican food right now for supper! [10pm]

Nite Camp Location Map

Elevation: 204 feet


Saturday, July 01, 2017


Day 52
My Friend Boid
7am - As you may already know, it's a lovely thing to have an animal who is your friend. Trust is the most important thing in this friendship. And friendship takes time.

Teaching Baby Boid involves finding out what Boid likes to do, and using that thing to communicate. 

Boid likes to go out of his cage and make nice on a small sticker affixed to Scampy's rear window.