Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Scampy A Fulltime RV

8am - During the last leg of my last Scampy trip, I made a decision to fulltime in Scampy. Really! This is not a joke.

My plan was to put MsTwayler into the storage yard here at Lone Wolf. Then, go off on my merry-way fulltiming in Little Scampy.

However, that plan never even got off the ground. Never could. Because after messing around in MsTwayler for only an hour, it became obvious to me that Twayler is sooooo much more comfortable than Scampy. 

That fulltiming in Scampy idea has, I believe, occurred to me before. Several times! When I am off on a Scampy trip, it's such a good time, that idea pops up in my brain again.

Best RVing Life
It's clear, as I am Blogging to you right now, that the best RVing life for me is MsTwayler for my home base and Little Scampy for my running-around-and-camping life.

That'll never change! Why do I get double minded about this over and over again?

2pm - Tons of stuff
I've been working steadily since before dawn this morning, doing tons of accumulated stuff. Expense accounting [bank, credit cards, bills, etc].

Over many years of doing this kind of work, I have found that I must do one-thing-after-another. Without prioritizing. Because when I prioritize, I seem to put the things that I don't mind doing at the top. And the things that I hate doing, at the bottom.

And then I never get to doing the things that I hate to do!

Toll Road Violation
One of the things I had to take care of, is a Tow Road Violation notice that arrived in my mail. I get a kick out of [meaning despise] this kind law or regulation.

Google directions took me on to a toll road. And then the toll road directed me to drive around the toll booth!! I realize that the toll people likely are simply trying to save drivers their time. And, save the toll workers from having to collect tolls from every vehicle using the toll road.

A sign told drivers about paying tolls online. I pulled over immediately and attempted to go online and pay the toll. At that point, I was only about 100 yards from the toll collection booth. But that booth was located on the other side of a tall fence. So I couldn't just walk over there and pay the toll.

I found their website, and also found a routine that was set up to pay tolls. But this routine had a bug! And would not work!! After about a half hour of struggling with this toll routine, I gave up and drove on.

The toll people have a camera set up to capture photos of the licenses of all vehicles using the toll road. And these photos are matched with payments. If there is no match, a violation notice is mailed. A 30-day no penalty period is in place. If payment is not received within 30-days, the $13 dollar toll gets added to a $100 dollar violation penalty!

I arrived back home and received that violation notice in my mail.
32-days after using that toll road!  Two days late! Wow!

Thru no fault of mine, I am now hit with a $100 violation penalty!

Then, I thought to myself, "If I just make out a check for $13 dollars, date that check within the 30-days, and mail it in......how will those toll people know that I was late?"

That's what I did. On the way to 24 Hour Fitness, I deposited that toll payment letter into a US Mail box 😇.

Who is this cool and foxy guy?


Monday, January 16, 2017

Where to be?

Torn Between My Two Worlds

9am - Now that I've returned to Lone Wolf and MsTwayler, I have come to realize that my joy living in MsTwayler at Lone Wolf and my joy seeking adventure
on-the-road with Little Scampy is about equal! Wow!

I believe that I must give this thing a whole lot of thought in order to understand what this means and how it will affect me.

Baby Boid free and flying!
One of the first things done when we arrived at Lone Wolf, is to bring Baby Boid in his cage to his place inside Twayler.

As you may know, Boid's cage door is always open while Boid is inside Twayler. Boid is a very contemplate creature. When his cage door was opened, he did not immediately go out the door and fly around.

Boid watched closely as I opened his cage door. Then he went down and stood close to the open door. Looking out but now going out. Then he returned to a higher perch and stayed there for about 10-minutes. We believe that this contemplating business is part of Baby Boid's curious and cautious nature.

I was sitting in the La-Z-Boy next to Boid's cage opening mail. Suddenly Boid took off, flying very fast, up and down the length of our living room several times. Then he landed on his cage and tweeted up a storm!

After a bit of this tweeting, Boid flew over to the window with the ledge. One of his favorite places. And looked outside.

Baby Boid is a wonderful traveling companion. In his own way, he talks to me. He looks at the things outside as we go. And often gets very excited, bobbing his head up and down while tweeting.

Boid is fascinated by traffic. When we are in heavy, bumper to bumper traffic, Boid makes a different kind of low toned tweet sound while looking at the cars. As much to say, "Why are all of those cars so close together?"

I love him sooooo much! 😍

11am - Our new solar panel
While on our Scampy Trip, a solar panel was ordered from Renogy.

Here is Renogy's description:
The Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Eclipse Solar Suitcase is an entire solar power system incorporated into one small package. 

Made with the most efficient monocrystalline solar cells Renogy has to offer, this unit weighs a mere 19.40 lbs. This lightweight suitcase includes two 50 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Panels, one 30 Amp Adventurer Charge Controller with an LCD Screen for power regulation, one 10ft tray cable with alligator clips for easy connection to the battery, one temperature sensor, one battery voltage sensor, and a protective casing for safe portability. 

Renogy "suitcase"

Showing how nicely Solar Panel fits into case.
Easy to load and remove from case.

Rear of solar panel showing built-in cable 
connections, tilting legs and battery charge controller.

Solar panel showing the attached stand which allows 
tilting and rotating for best position to the Sun.

5pm - Honda's Storage
Just a few minutes ago, we completed the first stage of Honda's storage straightening.

Every thing that is going into the cabinet's drawers is now in there. I don't believe that we Blogged about buying a pair of saw horses at Sears the other day. Those two saw horses are in there too! Neatly stored between the cabinets.

With those saw horses, we are able to do wood working out on the road! In the pics below, you may view the saw horses in the hatch door pic.

Look at the mostly clear floor area in the hatch view! Pretty neat, huh?

Hatch view
Do you see the saw horses between 
the right and left cabinets?

Right side door view

Left side door view
Do you see our beach chair?

Second stage straightening
Tomorrow we intend to go thru all the storage drawers to sort out the proper location of stored items.

For example, all the electric tools together. All the hand tools together.

However, the way stuff is in the drawers now, mostly unsorted, I've noticed how much easier it is to find things.

I am sooooo happy how this project turned out!

A Giant Thank You to Reader W3 without whom this project would not have turned out sooooo grand!


Sunday, January 15, 2017


The New Cabinets

8am - We have been moving stuff from inside Scampy to the new cabinets in Little Honda's storage area.

Everything that is only used once a week or less, goes from Scampy to Honda. This amounts to a lot of stuff!

When the idea of buying these cabinets was made in a comment 
by Reader W3JDR, I had not a clue how immensely valuable that idea would be to me!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much, Reader W3JDR!!

10am - Nite Camp
Pulled out of our Nite Camp in the City of Menifee and headed for our Lone Wolf home and MsTwayler. 

2pm - Arrived at Lone Wolf
When we went into the office at Lone Wolf, Office Manager, Sissy and Assistant Lone Wolf Manager Mary Ann were sooooo happy to see us. I got big hugs from them!

There was a ton of mail waiting for us. And so many packages! Sissy and Mary Ann helped me carry everything out to Little Scampy.

One of the packages is the very cool solar panel that we ordered during the trip. It's a folding panel with it's own suitcase! 😀

2:15pm - Scampy staying with Twayler
We Nite Camped Little Scampy out front of MsTwayler so that Scampy's deep cycle battery could be put onto the charger. We may have hurt the battery by not keeping it fully charged during the trip. We'll have to see what the specific gravity numbers are after charging.

We moved a bunch of stuff from Scampy into Twayler. It took several hours to open and read the accumulated mail and packages.

Inspection showed that MsTwayler did very well alone during our absence.

Elevation: 3,017 feet


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Heading out

Returning To Lone Wolf

9am - Scampy's battery
That battery has been slowly declining. Hydrometer readings going down. Using our tiny Battery Tender Jr over several hours barely improves this condition.

We could buy a larger battery charger. However, we already have another charger with Twayler back at Lone Wolf RV Park in Apple Valley.

Also, we wish to test the capability of Little Honda to charge Scampy's battery while driving.

Gone a long time!
We headed out from Lone Wolf on this present trip on Wednesday, November 23rd.  That's 52-days! 7-1/2 weeks!

Today is a very good day to return to Twayler at Lone Wolf. 😎

1pm - PetSmart
It took whole lot longer than expected to head out from Jojoba Hills.

Just as we were about to leave Jojoba, I discovered that my eyeglasses were NOT hanging from the necklace where they were supposed be. Only the necklace remained! 😟

Very patiently, I looked everywhere within 10 feet of MsScampy and Little Honda.

I knew one thing for sure. I had them here at our Jojoba Camp. And I had not left this place. So, my eyeglasses are here. Somewhere close!

Almost two hours later, there they were. On the gravel rocks about 10 feet behind where Scampy had been Camped.

Note: I gotta take a nap. We are nite camped and it is 7:15pm now. When I wake up, I promise to promptly finish this Blog post!

9pm - Woke up from nap. Good nap!
Made a peanut butter and jam sandwich snack with a cup of cold milk.

OK...... so, I found my glasses on the gravel rocks. Drove MsScampy to the dump station a couple hundred feet away. Then went to the Jojoba office and checked out of the park.

This morning Baby Boid's little seed jar was pretty much empty. So I refilled his seed jar from a bag of seeds kept in the upper cabinet over the dining table. Later on I noticed that Boid's poops looked watery.

A bird owner has to be watchful for signs like watery poop. Catch that sign and immediately. Make a correction. And serious stuff may be avoided.

First stop in the City of Temecula was PetSmart. We bought fresh seeds and changed out Boid's old seeds. We'll see tomorrow how Boid is doing.

1:30pm - Cool Cut
Next door to PetSmart is Cool Cut. A hair place. I need a haircut and shampoo badly! And made an appointment.

On returning to Cool Cut from shopping at PetSmart, my hair was promptly shampooed by a very experienced young woman.

I had a good conversation with her while she did my hair. 12-years experience cutting hair. Began in the hair business straight out of high school. Married. 3-children. Very busy lady!

Nice job on my hair. $5 tip.

2:30pm - Watch Solutions
Last nite my eyeglasses broke. One of the hinge screws connecting the temple to the frame let go and disappeared!

I am really no good without eyeglasses. Somehow, without wearing my eyeglasses, I managed to use a stick pin from my sewing kit to replace the missing hinge screw.

It was a miracle that I got that done without seeing clearly what I was doing. Sort of worked by feel. Used a magnifying glass with LED lite to look at what needed to be done. Then worked by feel as I wrote above.

Took three tries. Then was able to use the glasses again. But I knew that unless a professional repaired my eyeglasses, soon they would be broken again.

Google found "Watch Solutions", a watch shop in a very large mall in the City of Temecula that did eyeglass repairs.

4pm - Villa Italian
While my glasses were being worked on, I went downstairs to the food court and found "Villa Italian." A pasta shop.

I bought a bowl of spaghetti with two nice meat balls. Had them split my order in half. Ate half right there in the mall food court with a Pepsi and a nice white chocolate chip cookie. Took the other half of my food back to MsScampy for later.

On returning to Watch Solutions, I found that the owner/manager was having a hard time with the eyeglass repair. He had to solder one of the hinge screws in place because the hinge itself was busted. [This guy is a jeweler]

He replaced both hinge screws. Worked on my glasses for almost an hour. And charged me $4.87!! Amazing!

After Sundown but still not dark
We headed out toward Lone Wolf. But it was clear that we would likely have make a Nite Camp somewhere along the way. Not good for me to drive in the dark of nite.

Made our Nite Camp in the City of Menifee. We found a wide street leading to a neighborhood of homes. On that wide street, a big-rig trucker was parked and appeared to me to be stopped for the nite. A good sign when a trucker is parked that it's a place where police do not enforce "no sleeping in vehicle laws."

Elevation: 1,490 feet

Note: The Google map has MsScampy Nite Camped in somebody's yard. But we are actually Nite Camped on Menifee Road.


Friday, January 13, 2017


Tweaking New Storage Cabinets

6am - After breakfast, we are returning to The Home Depot. The new storage cabinets need a little tweaking.

Driving from WalMart to 24 Hour Fitness yesterday, showed that the cabinets moved around and the drawers opened. We are buying some 1/2" plywood that will be used to secure the cabinets. And bungee cord to keep the drawers closed.

While at The Home Depot, we also need some other stuff:
  • Black paint for Scampy's propane tie-downs which are rusting.
  • A very small brush to paint both the propane tank tie-downs and the blocks that were added to the stove top. *
  • Bondo body filler. **
* Remember the video that I promised for Scampy's stove top rework? All that is needed to finish that rework is painting the blocks that keep that stove top from moving.

** Remember the accident that happened when I jack-knifed Scampy? The Bondo is needed to finish the bumper repair job. 

7:30am - Cop knocks
Last nite around 3am, there was a knock on MsScampy's door. It was a cop. He told me that somebody from the shopping center had phoned.

I'd have to leave or I might be arrested and charged with trespassing. Then, he had an after-thought. "You should go to WalMart. They are more tolerant."

That reminded me of my first time Camping in the City of Guaymas, Mexico. I picked a road that had a nice view. Then, went across the street to the nearest house and asked the lady who lived there for permission to remain for the nite.

She replied, "This is Mexico. Here you do not need to ask permission. You are welcome to stay."

Americans believe that they are very friendly people. But! Americans are definitely NOT a friendly people. In fact, Americans do not have a clue what being friendly is.

But the Mexicans know: "Bien venidos amigos!" That means "Welcome friends!" A motto if the Mexican people.

Note: In 2010, I travelled to Israel. Part of the reason for that trip was to choose a country to live in. United States, Israel or Mexico?

What I learned shocked me! Being a Jew, I leaned toward Israel. After spending several weeks in Jerusalem, I found that the people there were not friendly. In fact, the people of Israel and the United States are equally unfriendly!

Guess what? Mexico won! Hands-down! When walking down a street in Mexico and meeting a stranger and saying, "Buenos dias" the stranger would usually stop and engage me in conversation which most often would continue for a half hour or more.

Do the same in Israel or the United States, and the stranger would look at you with a questioning look. As if to say, "I don't know you!" And if they answered with a "Good morning", they would not even slow down. Sort of an over-the-shoulder, "Good morning" and then continue on their way.

The awesome friendliness of the Mexican people is the only reason that I returned to Mexico that year and lived there for seven years.


Thursday, January 12, 2017


Storage Cabinet For Honda

12 Midnite - Ever since Little Honda began towing MsScampy, we have used the rear area of Honda for storing tools and supplies. We bought various sizes of plastic boxes from The Container Store in order to put some order into this storage area.

It evolved into a mess. The plastic boxes have no fixed location. Which means that stuff is sometimes a little difficult to locate. But the main problem with present storage, is that there just isn't a way to sort stuff out. Also, as you may see, this storage mess occupies the entire area!

Little Honda's rear storage area

Harbor Freight to the rescue!
What to do was on my mind. When suddenly a storage cabinet popped in there!

After searching around on the Net for awhile, we came across a Harbor Freight cabinet that was about the right size. The cabinet shown in the pic below has drawers sized:

(5) Drawers 12.3 in. x 16 in. x 2.9 in. high
(2) Drawers 12.3 in. x 16 in. x 6 in. high

We believe that this cabinet is in-stock at Harbor Freight in the City of Murrieta, about 26 miles from Jojoba Hills RV.

Click [Here] to view the Harbor Freight online ad for this cabinet.

11:30am - W3's recommendation!
While Breakfast Camped in the WalMart parking lot in Temecula, I read the comment/suggestion by W3. Wow!

I bought [3] of these Drawer Carts. They are inside Little Honda right now! And, they work sooooo well! To view these Drawer Carts, Click [Here].

1:30pm - Honda's lock
This afternoon, the clicker stopped operating Honda's lock! We phoned a Honda dealer here in the City of Temecula. A service advisor tried to help over the phone. When that help did not work, we headed over there.

The guy at Honda found what was wrong right away. A rag held the hatch door open just a bit. When the rag was moved, everything worked!

3pm - Getting late!
We had planned to be back at Jojoba Hills before dark. With the Honda repair, we are here in Temecula much too late. The main reasons for today's trip was for propane and groceries. Of all our errands, only WalMart Grocery was left to do.

We had a Team Meeting to figure this thing out. Should we go to the WalMart now, and return to Jojoba in the dark? Everybody knows that George is not good in the dark.

It was decided to remain in Temecula for the nite, and return to Jojoba in the morning.

Elevation: 1,056 feet

PS: When you click on our Temecula "Nite Camp Location Link" you may see that 24 Hour Fitness is close by!

Pretty nifty, yes? 😎


Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Bad Things May Be A Blessing

7am - When bad, tough or challenging things happen to me, very often I find that they are a blessing.

My attitude toward these things is one of delight. Because my brain just loves to search for solutions! I am an inveterate tweaker. ðŸ˜Ž

One example of this blessing thing, is the destruction of Scampy's shower mechanism. Do you recall that? The destroyed mechanism was designed for pumping shower water from the shower's basin to Scampy's grey water tank.

Something hanging down

Looking up from the pavement at the broken part 
that got shoved thru Scampy's floor

Poor Scampy's floor!!

When I first saw what had happened [See "Something hanging down" pic above], I was intrigued! First off, I was very curious how such an accident as this could have happened.

Next morning, I emailed Scamp Trailer and sent the three pics above asking for an explanation of what had occurred? The Scamp person who responded, was extremely curt and a bit hostile. I guess that he figured that I was going to be angry and give him a lot of grief. And also ask that the damage be repaired at Scamp Trailer's expense.

Wow! That was the very last thing on my mind. No way would I give up the blessing of figuring this thing out.

Since that accident, I kept thinking about what should be done to fix this thing. The Scamp guy that I talked with told me that if somebody would take a shower now, the shower water would drain from the basin to the ground.

When I heard him tell me that all that would happen if that mechanism was not repaired is that the water would flow to the ground, I knew that I would NEVER repair that mechanism.

Wow! I only use a couple of gallons when taking a shower. Why be concerned about a couple gallons draining to the ground??

What to do?
Without repairing that mechanism, that left only the damage in the "Poor Scampy's floor" pic [above]. Repair of that floor damage has been running around in my brain ever since. I have been stalling about doing that repair. Because I just love going over a repair like this one in my brain. I don't want to let it go so easily.

7pm - Damaged floor pics
Removing the "shoved-up" flooring was pretty easy to do. Mostly using a needle-nose pliers to do the removing.

Next, is to talk to some experienced hardware store guys to get an idea of what to use to prepare the substrate for adhering the broken vinyl to the floor.

PS: I'm leaning toward using sheet metal over the busted substrate to be a base for the repaired vinyl.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017


City of Temecula

5am - Traffic going passed our Nite Camp became noisy. So, we headed over to 24 Hour Fitness in Temecula. Because of low heavy fog, we had to drive very slowly.

Recently, Google directions to 24 Hour Fitness has taken us to strange places! Yesterday, to a neighborhood behind the shopping mall where 24 Hour is actually located. That time we Googled 24 Hour's address to get there.

This morning, Google's directions to 24 Hour in Temecula, took us to a parking lot in the rear of the shopping mall!

The Scampy Team is now camped in the parking lot close to 24 Hour. I'll workout at 24 Hour, then drive over to Jojoba Hills RV Park.

9am - Electric power
We have been considering two sources of electric power. Solar and electric generator. We are leaning toward using only solar.

The generator that we like is the Honda eu1000i, 1000 watt [link]. This generator would likely only be used during the dead of winter. For the rest of the year a solar source would do fine!

Solar kit
We really like the Renogy Solar Kit [link]. The Renogy kit is stored in its own case, which has a folded dimension of 21.1 x 21.5 x 3.1 inches. That's really small! And will fit into Little Honda's storage area nicely.

Scampy's electric usage
The big electric hog for Scampy, is the Dometic refrigerator when on 12 volts DC.

The fridge pulls 10.5 amps! That is a LOT!

However, it is hardly ever necessary to use the Dometic fridge on 12 volts DC. The Dometic works fine on propane. The only thing is, that the propane flame blows out when Scampy is traveling down the road.

So, let the propane flame blow out! The fridge stays cold for many hours when no cooling is going on. And, the Dometic recovers proper temperature extremely fast when we start up cooling at the end of a trip.

All the rest of Scampy's electric usage amounts to less than 2-amps. That's when the 12 volts DC is inverted to 120 volts AC for charging the Mac Air and iPhone.

Note: Our Dometic fridge is designed with three power sources. All manually actuated [not automatic].

  • Propane gas [When camping and no shore power is available]
  • 12 volts DC [When traveling]
  • 120 volts AC [When shore power is available]

Scampy's instructions read that when traveling, use 12 volts DC. Because when traveling using propane gas, the flame blows out because of wind.

12 noon - Where are we now?


Our Dry Camp Site

4pm- Exercise Room & Spa
I'll be camping at Jojoba Hills RV Park for seven days. My days are usually very active. I love to be active! My time at Jojoba should be active too.

The late afternoon is a really good time to use the Exercise Room followed by soaking in the spa. Other people seem to enjoy the spa at this time too. That's great because it is a good time talking with people living full time at Jojoba.

I set up Scampy and left Baby Boid with the iPhone playing The Beatles, The Beach Boys and the Bee Gees. Boid enjoys rock music! Then headed over to the Exercise Room to workout.

Elevation: 2019 feet


Monday, January 09, 2017


Scampy's Horrid Floor

7am - Did you read in yesterday's Blog about what happened to MsScampy's floor? It is sooooo terrible! Everybody on The Team is feeling very bad for poor MsScampy!

Poor Scampy's floor!!

PS: The damage that must be repaired, is only to Scampy's floor. The mess to plumbing and electrical that was shown in pics in yesterday's Blog post, is not necessary to fix.

I plan to repair the floor myself during my stay at Jojoba.

Note: Please forgive me for not continuing  the "Floor" Blog post until almost 9pm! 🙄

8am - Little Honda's mileage
His mpg has been declining over the last couple of months. I figured that this reduction in mpg was due to Little Honda needing some mechanical work. Tune-up perhaps?

Anyway, after speaking on the phone with two highly rated shops, my figuring changed! Now I believe that the mpg reduction is due to towing MsScampy.

I spent over an hour calling around in order to come to this conclusion.

9:30am - Phoned Jojoba office
To make sure that MsScampy is welcome to camp in Jojoba's dry camping area, we phoned the office.

It is OK! The office gave the code to open the entrance gate, in case I arrived at Jojoba after 4pm.

I was positive that I would arrive by 2pm.

Boy! Was I wrong!! I never arrived.

10am - MsScampy's deep cycle battery
Early this morning I checked Scampy's battery condition with a hydrometer. I became concerned because even though we have been driving, the specific gravity reading has been dropping.

This drop convinced me that the Honda eu1000i generator that I held off buying, should be bought very soon.

About two hours was spent online searching for a dealer that had this Honda generator in stock. Couldn't find one!

Little Honda charging cable
We paid about $130 to install a cable in Little Honda that would carry charging current for MsScampy's battery. However, the charge from the Honda only does a tiny amount of charging.

We might be able to get by without a generator for a day or so. But not longer!

1pm - Heading to Jojoba Hills
On the way to Jojoba, we stopped several times in towns along the way trying to buy and pick-up that generator. Couldn't find a dealer who had the
Honda eu1000i generator that we wanted.

Tried and tried! Nothing!!

5pm - Little Honda tire check
It was getting toward dusk when we stopped at an America's Tire Store in The City of Temecula to have Little Honda's tires rotated and inflated to proper pressure.

We do not drive Little Honda towing MsScampy when it's dark. So,  we will not reach Jojoba Hills this evening,

We have made our Nite Camp in the City of Temecula.

Even though our Nite Camp is close to Interstate 5, there is very little traffic noise here. This should be a quiet Nite Camp after 11pm, when we believe local traffic will die down.

Elevation: 995 feet


Sunday, January 08, 2017

My life

Fantastic Wonderful Life

12 midnite - My bedtime practice each nite is to lie down with the pillows propped up against the wall. In a half sitting-up position. Turn off the lites and think about my day.

I know fully well, what a fortunate person I am to be living this vagabonding RV life. But tonite, for some misty reason, looking in the darkness at Scampy made me sooooo happy. Because it is so perfect. So comfortable.

I prepare all my own food in Scampy's kitchen.

Breakfast options:
  • Eggs [Over easy, scrambled, omelette with cheese, onions, sausage]
  • Sausage
  • Toast or English muffin
  • Cereal [dry with milk and banana]
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar topping
  • French toast
Lunch options:
  • Left overs, sometimes made into a sandwich [today with fried chicken]
  • Peanut butter and jam
  • Grilled cheese
Supper options:
  • Steak - Grilled on our fancy Nordic Ware
  • Sautéed veggies [squash, snap peas,  white chopped onions]
  • Fried chicken
  • Pork chops
  • Pasta [From spaghetti to gnocchi]
  • Meatballs
I could go on and on about my joy at preparing my own foods! Cooking is such a fun thing for me!

Other Scampy perfect things:
  • Plenty of living space
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Nice fridge which so far get much too cold!
  • Great little gas range [I've made some changes to the range which makes it easy to clean - I have not forgotten my promise to make a video of how easy it is to keep the range clean]
12:30am - Got to go to sleep now. I am zonking out!

6:30am - I'm back!
Yesterday evening I was working on installing the latest prototype of the Stealth Curtain. This design uses a wood frame made from molding bought at Home Depot.

Installing Stealth Curtains is a fascinating project for me! It's fascinating because the best design only comes into view for me after doing several prototypes. Each prototype is made and put into service. Then defects are found. Followed by a better design and another prototype.

For the Stealth project so far, there have been several prototypes. The last was the one installed yesterday evening. And after waking up at 6:30am, I was looking at that installed prototype and came up with a better design! So, a new prototype is now planned.

Manufacturing on-the-road with Scampy
A bunch of tools have been accumulated since The MsScampy RV Team was formed. Tools and supplies are carried in Little Honda's storage area.

  • Battery operated  hand drill
  • Saber saw 120 volt AC [We have an inverter inside Scampy for 120 volt AC]
  • Screw driver assortment
  • Wrench assortment
  • Assorted sheet metal screws [My favorite screw]
  • Glue [Several kinds]
Baby Boid stuff
Boid is a wonderful traveling companion. His personality comes shining thru to me by the way he acts!

For example, Boid loves to go adventuring with me. His place in Little Honda is in the passenger seat. Boid's cage on a stool to get him riding at a height where he may view what's out there.

The stool is held in place by the seat belt. And Boid's cage is secured using bungee cords. Works VERY well!

When Boid is looking around while driving, he shows his excitement by moving on a perch, bobbing his head and chirping.

Boid is very comfortable riding in Little Honda. He eats his seeds. Drinks water. Does a lot of preening of his feathers.

When Boid is in his cage sleeping, his cage is covered with a black cloth so that it's dark in there. When the Sun goes down and the lites inside Scampy go off,
Boid just goes to sleep. He is very sensitive to lite. When I have all the lights inside Scampy on, Boid does not act sleepy. Turn all but one lite off, up he goes to his top perch, settles down on one leg and he is off to sleep land.

Boid just about to wake up this morning

From this point on, the day got kinda weird!

9:30am - 24 Hour Fitness

  • We found a nice 24 Hour Club that had a spa. A few of them don't.
  • I went to the locker room to dress for my workout.
  • I forgot my swim suit for the spa
  • Went back to Scampy and got the swim suit
  • Returned to the locker room and the key for the lock on my locker was missing!
  • Returned to Scampy to search for the key. Couldn't find the key.
  • Walked back to 24 Hour and asked for my lock to be cut off so that I could get my stuff from the locker.
  • Left that 24 Hour club because now I had no lock for the locker.

11am - Shopping
By the time that I left that 24 Hour Fitness, it was 11am. On my Things-To-Do list was grocery shopping. Decided to do that shopping at a nearby Smart & Final Store.

Nothing weird happened at Smart & Final. Bought a Time/Life fancy magazine titled:
The Roaring '20s

I bought this fancy magazine because it had a photo of Babe Babe Ruth shaking hands with President Warren Harding in 1924.

President Warren Harding and Babe Ruth

12:30pm - Phoned Jojoba Hills RV Park
Phoned Jojoba Hills office to get the OK for Scampy and The Team to camp in their Dry Camp lot. We'll be driving there soon.

Apparently, the Jojoba Hills office is closed on Sunday. I'll phone tomorrow.

12:45pm - Emailed Pete Olson
Pete is a very good friend of mine who lives at Jojoba. I emailed to let Pete know that I'll be arriving soon.

Here is my email:
"Somebody mentioned to me that somebody (we don't know who?) is getting closer to Jojoba Hills."

PS: Just a bit of humor!

1pm - Looked for a lock and key shop
The lost pad lock key for the locker kind of jarred me! On my To-Do list has been to get a duplicate set of keys. I have duplicates back at Lone Wolf. Lot of good that will do me if I lose those keys now!

I have let buying duplicate keys slide. I shouldn't do that!

No key shop was open around here. It's Sunday!

2pm - Container Store
I made up a list of stuff to buy at Container Store. Took about 1/2 hour to make that list.

Then using Google directions, I asked, "Directions to Container Store near me."

That nearest store was 30 miles in the wrong direction. I'll find another Container Store maybe in The City of Temecula [Close to Jojoba].

All of the stuff that is not being used every day is stored in Little Honda's rear storage area. That storage area has got to be straightened out. It's a horrid mess!!

3pm - Hardware store
We searched for a nearby hardware store to buy:
  • New padlock for 24 Hour
  • Necklace key thing so that I don't lose the locker key again
  • Set of rubber bowls scrapers for cooking
  • Sponge with green abrasive
On leaving the hardware store, I saw something hanging down below under Scampy's front section. It appeared to be the stuff that pumps water from the shower basin to the grey water tank!

It seems as though Scamp Trailer did not protect this equipment by mounting inside the trailer's frame. As a result, somewhere along our path today, that equipment got screwed up bad!

Something hanging down

Looking up from the pavement at the broken part 
that got shoved thru Scampy's floor

Poor Scampy's floor!!

5pm - Returned to the same 24 Hour Fitness
I usually want to make Nite Camp before sundown. It is a bad idea to wander around in the dark seeking a Stealthy Nite Camp.

But here we all were. Me, Little Honda and MsScampy in the 24 Hour parking lot.

Then it dawned on me!

Hey....we are parked at 24 Hour Fitness. Open 24 hours 7-days a week. Why can't we just make our Nite Camp right here in the 24 Hour lot. Who's gonna check?

If somebody knocks on Scampy's door, we'll just tell whoever that is that we are 24 Hour members. Come to workout.

I doubt that ANYBODY checks that 24 lot. Ever!

PS: Had a great workout! The usual 30 minutes on the treadmill. Then all the usual machines. Then, shower. Shampoo. Spa for about 20 minutes.

In the City of Laguna Niguel

Elevation: 371 feet

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Cousin Jacky

Hanukah Latke Party 

8am - Cousin Jacky is having a Latke [potato pancake] Party this afternoon. The party is a “late” Hanukkah party [Hanukkah ended about a week ago]. We love to go to Cousin Jacky’s parties because we get to hang out with many members of the family.

9am - The MsScampy RV Team pulled out of San Diego this morning. We thanked John for inviting Little Honda and MsScampy to Nite Camp in front of his lovely home.

Just before we pulled out, John drove off in his new Chevy Bolt all-electric car. John looked so happy at the wheel. The Chevy Bolt is gorgeous and has a distance spec of almost 300 miles for one battery charge. Inpressive!

11am - Snack Time
Little Honda and MsScampy have made a Snack Time Camp in the rear of a shopping center just off Interstate 5.

 Left-over fried chicken is used to prepare a fried chicken sandwich on Jewish Rye. Yummm!

We have plenty of time to arrive at Cousin Jacky’s home in The Town of Laguna Woods [A Senior retirement community]. The party time begins at 2pm! 

I'm sooooo excited about being at this party! ðŸ˜€

First guests schmoozing


PS: Baby Boid was invited to the party and he had a great time because Boid loves to hear people talking!

4:30pm - Nite Camp
We left the party early because it's not a good idea for me to drive after sunset.

Since it is the weekend, there are tons of Nite Camping opportunities. We found our Nite Camp in a commercial area in the rear parking area behind offices and a warehouse.

Elevation: 290 feet

Friday, January 06, 2017

Buying stuff

First Time at Harbor Freight

7am - We needed magnets for Scampy's Stealth Curtains and battery powered LED lights to illuminate Scampy's storage cabinets. That's all we intended to buy. Nothing else!

But we were newbies at Harbor Freight. Oh my! Were we in for a BIG surprise! How naive were our intentions to buy Nothing Else!

Harbor Freight moves in on a newbie so subtly. Opposite the magnet display we were attracted by a bunch of gasoline engine products. Two of these were electric generators.

Hmmmm? We could use an electric generator when we go Boondock Camping. $109.99!!!!  Impossible! Could not be! This must be a pricing mistake. But it was NOT a pricing mistake.  $109.99 was the real price for a brand new electric generator!

Then we came upon a tiny Air Compressor that could be used to inflate our tires while Boondock Camping. 12 volt DC. Plugs into Little Honda's 12 volt outlet. $8.99!!!! Impossible! Could not be! This must be a pricing mistake. But it was NOT a pricing mistake.  $8.99 was the real price for a brand new Compact Air Compressor!

I asked the lady at the register:
"Do you have shopping carts?"

Harbor Freight had done what most of America knows it does. In less than 5-minutes, Harbor Freight hooked another newbie.

By the time we were at the check-out line, our shopping cart was overflowing! But the total price was only $227.23!! Including a 2-year warranty on the generator.

Granted! This generator is likely junk. And I will probably return this generator to Harbor Freight and buy instead:
Honda EU1000i Inverter Generator

But wow! While it lasted, what a Kick!!


Thursday, January 05, 2017


Stealth Curtain Evolution

6am - Scampy's stealth curtain project has been on-going for a couple months. Slowly evolving. Never satisfactory!

This project began at the Kmart Store in Apple Valley where a black twin bed sheet was bought. You may recall that each curtain was made up from this bed sheet fabric, a little bit larger than each of Scampy's windows. Testing proved that in order for lite not to shine thru, this black fabric must be doubled over.

The plan was to hang these curtains from Scampy's existing curtain rods. This plan was doomed from the start. These curtain rods were much too weak for the repeated handling due to opening up each the day and closing at nite.

Also, it was found that simply hanging these curtains allowed lite to be seen from the outside at nite. That definitely was NOT stealthy.

Velcro was then used to bring the curtains tight to the window frames, in an attempt to keep lite from showing. Velcro does NOT have the qualities needed. The glue backing of Velcro does not hold very well. And very often when opening the curtain, the Velcro itself or its glue backing would come loose!

Blackout fabric
My friend Mimi [John's wife] suggested using blackout fabric. A couple of days ago I went to a Jo-Ann Fabric Store and bought a yard of this blackout fabric. A piece was cut out for Scampy's window door. Velcro was used for holding the fabric to the window frame. Again, Velcro just did NOT do a good job. But the blackout fabric did an excellent job!

We needed something to hold the blackout fabric to the window frame that would be much superior to Velcro.

Magnets to the rescue!
This morning, the idea of using magnets popped into my brain. Wow! This idea had potential!

Examination of Scampy's window frames found that screws held the frames to the walls. At first, the thought was to screw the magnets to the frames and use a second magnet to clamp the blackout fabric. But that method would require buying magnets with a hole for the screw.

Then, it was considered to use a small piece of steel secured by the window frame screw. The magnets would hold to the small piece of steel which in turn would hold the blackout fabric to the window frame. And do a much better job than Velcro!

That's where we are now! ðŸ˜€

7am - Testing magnet idea
While changing Baby Boid's seeds and water this morning, it was noticed that we actually have the exact size magnets that would work for the Stealth Curtain Project!

These magnets were purchased from The Container Store a few days back.

The blackout fabric from the Jo-Ann Store was used to test the magnet's holding power. Only one magnet held the entire yard of fabric!


11:30am - Testing Water Thief
Scampy's fresh water tank is very low. Perfect time to put Tioga George's Water Thief to the test! We completed the Water Thief only yesterday afternoon.

Little Honda and MsScampy drove to the South Shore Boat Ramp. We wanted to test out our Water Thief at the same location that our Camco Water Bandit failed so miserably about a week ago.

Tioga George Water Thief

BTW: The Tioga George Water Thief filled MsScampy's fresh water without even one hint of any problem!

PS: Water Thief is hooked up to a shower. I suppose that this shower is for users of the Boat Ramp to get clean.

I found that this shower had some kind of timer in it. The shower would work for about 5 to 20 seconds, then turn off.

What kind of brain would limit the shower to work for only 5 to 20 seconds? And for what purpose? If water conservation is this brain's aim, how about allowing water service to this brain's home to be timed to shut off in only 5 to 20 seconds?


Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Mister Dometic

RV Specialists

6am - It seems that our fridge, Mister Dometic, is having a hard time keeping cool while Scampy is heading down the road. This morning Mister Dometic has an 8am appointment at RV Specialists, in San Diego.

Only thing is, George wrote down "RV Trailer!" instead of RV Specialists.
When we Googled for directions for RV Trailer, we traveled in the wrong direction!

Good thing we started our trip at 6am. When we figured out the mistake, MsScampy had to travel in heavy traffic. Everything turned out OK though. We arrived at 7:45am, 15 minutes before Scampy's 8am appointment.

8am - Mark Cooley!
On walking in to the RV Specialists' office, the guy behind the desk looked very familiar.

George: Do I know you?

Mark: I'm Mark Cooley. Who are you?

George: I'm your 8am appointment. I know you from the olden days. But your shop was a whole lot smaller then. And in a different location.

Mark and I schmoozed around for awhile talking about the "used to be stuff back when." Then Mark set Scampy up with Ray, his "best mechanic!"

Ray then mechanic
I watched as Ray began to work. "What's wrong with the Dometic?" he asked.

I told Ray, "The burner blows out when we're driving."

Ray explained that this model Dometic fridge does not have an, "automatic re-light" system.  You can't run it on propane when traveling. Because the wind will blow the flame out. When moving, run it on 12 volts."

Live and learn!

Famous guy!
Mark has been in the RV repair business for 40 years! You might have met him yourself.

I put Mark's pic up on the Blog as an historical thing. If you know him, let me know?
Mark Cooley - Owner/Manager
RV Specialists

3:30pm - Banking boondoggle
I have two checking accounts:
  • AlaskaUSA Credit Union in Apple Valley CA where I am living now. 
  • North Island Credit Union in La Mesa CA where I used to live.
I arranged with AlaskaUSA in Apple Valley CA to over nite a check to North Island in La Mesa CA. But AlaskaUSA sent via UPS that check to my Lone Wolf Colony address in Apple Valley CA. Which is my current home.

UPS caught the error, and needs AlaskaUSA to contact UPS with a corrected address [The North Island address].

Now, here's the reason that I am Blogging this story:
AlaskaUSA while talking to me on the phone indicated that I myself am responsible for this mistake!! This is NOT correct! I entered the correct address, as shown in Alaska's online data.

It seems that working people today have no clue how to think on their own. They are mostly just sheep, preaching the company line.

When I spoke with a first line person on the phone. I did NOT get: "Oh, I am so sorry. We will straighten this matter out!"

When I got transferred to a supervisor. Same thing! No apology. Just explanations about working with their data processing to resolve the mis-addressed check issue.

I explained to that supervisor, that I am not interested in how AlaskaUSA goofed up. All that I want to know is when will my check be deposited in my North Island account?

Please G-d. Help me with these ignoramuses.

PS: I was on the phone with AlaskaUSA for over an hour. And I still do not have a clue what they will do in this matter.

4:30pm - Propane tank
On New Years Eve, during the nitetime, it got real cold inside Scampy. Our Wave3 heater had gone off! This is extremely unusual. I never had an Olympian Catalytic Heater go bad. And I used them for over 12 years.

It had to be that the propane tank was empty. But if that was the case, then our propane tank went from almost full to dead empty in only a few hours. I checked the propane tank connection. Sure enough, it was loose.

Since it was New Years Eve, I was sooooo lucky to find an open gas station that sold propane.

What was wrong with the propane tank connection?
On inspection, I found what was wrong. There was NO slack in the hose to the tank. Somehow the tank had rotated slightly. This rotation put pressure on the hose connector to the tank. This allowed the connector to leak!

To rotate the tank to its proper position, a ratchet wrench with a socket of the right size was required. Also, an extension for the socket.

Today for about $27 bucks, a socket set was purchased at Home Depot. That did the trick! Now the propane tank's hose has a gentle loop.

As Forest Gump would say, "One less thing!" 😀  


Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Shore Power

8:30am - We have come to a decision concerning Scampy's Shore Power. We've decided on solar and an electric generator:
  • Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline                                           Foldable Solar Suitcase [link]
  • Honda EU1000i 1000 watt electric generator [link]
However, we are not buying right now. It's first necessary to go out Boondock Camping and experience our electrical needs.

2:30pm - Chevy Bolt
Another total electric car is in John & Mimi's future! They have owned a Mitsubishi Miev for several years.

Today John & Mimi bought a Chevy Bolt. I went along for a test drive. And I will tell you this; "The Chevy Bolt" hauls out! John could have burned rubber.

The Bolt has power up the Ying Yang!

Chevy Bolt is all electric
Gets 250 miles on single charge

7:45pm - Blackout fabric
Awhile back, after I'd already begun sewing up Stealth Curtains for Scampy, Mimi clued me in about blackout fabric.

I've been struggling with the black bed sheet fabric that presently does only a
so-so job as a Stealth Curtain.

This evening at JoAnne Fabric Store, I bought a yard of blackout fabric. White on the outside and beige on the inside. A few minutes ago I installed this blackout fabric on the window in Scampy's door.

Came out great. No lite shows thru! 😎

7:30pm - Supper tonite!
Yesterday we shopped at Smart and Final for the very first time.
A beautiful 1" thick Rib Eye Steak was in a case labeled: "Weekly Special."

This steak at the regular price: 1.04 lbs @ $10.49/lb  Total: $10.91
The special price:  $5.99/lb  Total: $6.93

Wow! Man-O-Man! This steak was wonderful!

PS: The griddle in the pic above was at Smart and Final too. It's made by
Nordic Ware. And named:  Reversible Grill Griddle.

The finish of this Nordic Ware product is exceptional. Sooooo easy to clean!

8:45pm - Heading to 24 Hour Fitness
All the things that were used to prepare supper were cleaned up and put away. Scampy doesn't like it when we make messes and don't square things away quickly!

Baby Boid went to sleep early. The thick clouds made it look like nite around 4pm. Boid zonks out when it gets dark. No matter the time. When he stands on one leg and tucks his head in to his wing.....it's time for him to go to bed.

Then we headed up to 24 Hour Fitness.

Hard and Easy Things at 24 Hour
For me, the hardest thing for me to do at 24, is the treadmill. 30 minutes on that machine gets to me a little. I get a lot of benefits from doing the treadmill [Lungs and heart].

The easiest thing is soaking in the spa!