Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mac Computer Charger

8:19 am:
This morning at a bit past 4 am I noticed that Mac computer's charger was still charging. That's unusual! Because the Mac had been charging since I went to bed. The battery should be fully charged by now.

Looking at the Mac's charging icon I saw that it reported NOT charging! Wow! The charger must be bad! Coincidentally, I had just purchased a backup charger for Mac on August 14th. But I had another Mac charger somewhere stored inside Señor Tránsito, and I went to look for that charger.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Power Needed For Whirlpool Fridge

4:41 am:
We are rethinking the feasibility of using the Whirlpool electric refrigerator.

From the Whirlpool manual, the following specs are obtained:
➜ 120 volts
➜ 0.8 Amps

120 volts x 0.8 amps = 96 watts. So, the Whirpool requires 96 watts to operate for 1-hour. And for a whole day, 96 watts x 24 hours = 2,304 watts per day.

Our Yingli solar panel is rated at 250 watts.
How much power does a 250-watt solar panel produce?

Using 4-hours of full sun gives us this equation: 
250 watts x 4 hours. That's 1 kWh (1,000 watts) in a day for our 250-watt panel. 

Even on a good summer day, our Yingli does not produce enough electric power for the Whirlpool. We are short 1,304 watts/day.

Note: Are these calculations correct?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Electric Fridge 2nd Look

10:42 am:
This morning, the Scampy Team took a second look at the proposed installation of the Whirlpool fridge that we wrote to you about in yesterday's [6:48 pm Blog post].

The main advantage of the Whirlpool electric fridge is that cooling is mostly not affected when the weather turns hot. Also, the Whirlpool has a freezer compartment!

This compares to our Dometic propane fridge which is very much affected by hot weather and can easily have an internal temperature greater than 50℉ when the weather turns hot.

This is what we Blogged to you this morning, The red text below is not correct:
However, we must admit to ourselves, that the Whirlpool's advantages just do not outweigh the disadvantage of the Dometic fridge's high temperature when the weather turns hot!

Here in blue text is our corrected version:
The Whirlpool electric fridge may require more power than is available from solar at some times of the year. We do not want to chance not having refrigeration. So, we have abandoned the Whirlpool electric fridge idea and are sticking with our Dometic fridge.

Nite Camp Location Map
Elevation: 2,131 feet


Monday, August 13, 2018

Lake RV

6:35 pm:
I'm in the process of negotiating with Lake RV of Ponderay Idaho to make several changes to Scampy. Tomorrow I will be talking to Orville and Sharon Bayless, the owners of Lake RV.

After talking about what is to be done, I will be able to post here in my Blog about the details.

Stay tuned........!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tank Filler Tube

8:07 am:
A few Readers have commented their concerns that the filler tube for Scampy's fresh water tank is sitting crooked in yesterday's Blog pic.

I believe that I will be able to rotate the entire tank so that the blue hose will sit square.

When I have completed this rotation and remounted the filler tube, I will post an updated pic.

08/13/2018 6:29 pm:
Rotating Tank
I have decided against rotating the fresh water tank as I Blogged about in the 8:07 am post above.

In my opinion, the tank and its connections are more than adequate.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Fresh Water Tank Report

12:03 pm:
Yesterday evening at about 10:45 pm, the Scampy Team drove to a gas station in order to test our re-worked Fresh Water Tank tubes.

While the tank was filling, everybody was watching the water level rise with bated breath! Of course, we all concentrated on the filler tube. Was there a sign of a leak from the filler tube?

There was no sign whatsoever of a filler tube leak! Yaayyy!

We usually cut the water filling before the fresh water tank is fully filled in order to prevent a leak coming from the vent tube. But that was before the new vent tube was installed.

But right now we wished to test what happens when the tank is completely filled and incoming water is forced up the vent tube? We let the tank water to flow out the vent tube for about 1/2 minute. When no leak from the vent tube could be seen, the vent tube was declared a complete success!

Wow! Man-O-Man. Double Wow with sugar on it!

Fresh Water Tank Tubes

Friday, August 10, 2018

Lot To Do

7:11 am:
When all of Scampy's things that were removed for the Vinyl Plank Flooring project were re-installed, there was still a lot to do. But the remaining "to-dos" may be completed at our leisure. Except for one important item.

That item is the fresh water vent tube! We all know that George commented against needing that vent tube. And many Readers sided with Mister Ed who wrote that the vent tube was necessary. 

Well, George was wrong and Mister Ed was right! Thank you, Ed! 😋

Thursday, August 09, 2018

It Is Hot!

5:25 pm:
The weather report for Missoula Montana showed 97℉ for the temperature. But, inside Scampy, as you may see in the pic below, it's 102℉!


When Little iPhone captured the temperature pic, George and Baby Boid were both outside under the shade of Scampy's awning. The temperature was high in the shade too!

Boid said, "It's too hot! Let's all sit inside Señor Tránsito with the air conditioner on high!"

So, we did!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Figured It Out

2:47 am:
During the nite, I thought about how to lay the different sections of the vinyl plank flooring. Each section presents a different way. I figured it all out!

Laying the flooring will turn out to be the easiest part of this floor project!

2:50 am:
The Fresh Water Tank Leak
I believe that I also figured out where the leak is coming from the fresh water tank. There is a tube which is there for either overflow or for a vent. Neither of these functions are necessary for this freshwater tank.

If this tube is plugged up in some way, the water will no longer leak from it!

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Clark Fork River

6:32 am:
Little iPhone captured a view from Scampy's rear window of the Clark Fork of the Columbia River. The Clark Fork flows only about 30 yards away from our Nite Camp.

The original name given by the Lewis and Clark Expedition was Clark's River.

Clark Fork River viewed from Scampy's rear window.