Saturday, May 17, 2003

Mokelumne River

No. Fork Mokelumne River Bridge.

Tioga & George tried to get to the Jackson Indian Casino, but there was a 9' low bridge in the way. Tioga stands more than a proud 11 feet tall. So, we went looking for a river. We are haunted by waters

We could not believe our good fortune when we arrived at the North Fork of the Mokelumne River. There was a camping spot, just big enough for Tioga to fit in, and it was somewhat level too. Level is necessary to not mess up Tioga's refrig.

This place is so beautiful, that we think that we will spend the better part of Saturday here. Would you believe, that deep in this canyon that Mr. MotoSat was able to acquire our satellite? That is how we are able to send this Blog from our river campsite.

Only one thing is fouled up, as Tioga pointed out to me numerous times. I forgot to fill up our propane tank, and we might have to eat a cold breakfast. Boooo!