Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Fort Ross

Pic above is from Tioga & George's trip to Fort Ross.

Tioga met George in Manteca, California 'bout the end of February, 2003. It was love at first sight. The very day that George drove Tioga home to Concord, George became a Vagabond. George never spent one day in his apartment again. Tioga was home and for Tioga & George, the adventure began.

We knew that we had to be "free-as-birds." That is how we came up with our motto: "Never pay rent !" Paying rent to park Tioga is against our religion. Here is what paying rent buys you:

1. Neighbors

2. Noise

3. Somebody elses RV 'bout 3 feet from your bedroom.

Tioga & George don't do RV camping. We are Vagabonders Supreme. We camp where we want to camp. We never pay rent.

In order to be a true Vagabond, we had to cut the strings that tied others to being defined as the dreaded "RV camper." First, we installed (4) 75 watt Shell solar panels on Tioga's roof. Now THAT was an adventure on its own !


  1. i really love your blog. not just that inspires and motivates me to travel as well but reading the posts about such an adorable couple warms my heart so much. keep posting

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