Sunday, May 25, 2003

The pic on the left is of Tioga & George contemplating sunset. On the right are family photos that sit on Tioga's table.

Living in Tioga is a Fortress of Solitude for me. Because of that solitude, I have a great opportunity to establish goals for this time of my life. I am very encouraged to delve into my subconscious. I want to understand how my manic-depressive disorder affected my life and especially my thinking. My subconscious thinking.

I have felt for many years, that unless I understood every aspect of my personality, including my subconscious personality, that I would not really know who I am. What a tragedy to have lived my entire life, not knowing my own self completely. I do not intend to die, without knowing who I am. I am thrilled to just think about this knowing.

Note: Several months after this post, I learned that I likely never had a manic-depressive disorder. That was a mis-diagnosis by a psychiatrist. I stopped taking lithium for manic control. The lithium was destroying my kidneys. [Note posted: 08Jan2007]