Saturday, May 24, 2003

Little rapid on Mokelumne below our Camp.

Tioga & George were planning to stay at this lovely site, just until Tuesday. But now we think that we will be here a lot longer. Why move? This place is so wonderful. There is a tiny market in the little town of West Point, the closest town to where we camp. They have enough variety of groceries to restock us. The grocery is run by a couple from Yemen. They are very nice. The man looked inside Tioga and was very impressed with her electronics. Of course he was!!

In about two weeks, we have to be in Antioch to have our new leveling system installed and our replacement refrigerator as well.

Tioga & George P.S.: Today is the 27th year anniversary of the opening of The Cutting Board, our restaurant in San Francisco. Wow! We sold The Cutting Board in 1983. By that time we had opened two more restaurants, Evie's Hamburgers in Walnut Creek and Evie's Drive-In in Pleasant Hill.