Wednesday, May 21, 2003

George attaches slides.

Work is not work, when I am building a slide-out-tray for Tioga. This nice box is going in a compartment that was very inaccessible. Now, with full extensions slides, I am able to store more things and get at them too.

Tioga and I had a big talk yesterday. We decided to stay here at the N. Fork Mokelumne for several days. We do not know who owns this property. It is not posted. An Amador County Sheriff came by early yesterday evening. He just wanted to say hello, and see who was here. I asked him if it was OK staying here, and he said, "Sure." That's the kind of reply that I want from the law.

Just as the sun was setting, I walked down to the river's edge for the first time. It has been very hot here during the day, and when I dipped my bare feet in the Mokelumne icy waters, I was shocked. Oooh, it felt so good.

We have not had too many "guests" visiting our spot. But, coming up is a holiday weekend and we expect a lot of visitors. Tioga & I plan to just stay put, where we are, because we are "on the satellite" here and we are relatively level.

Remember, Mr. Dometic the refrigerator does not like to be out of level. It is very hard, in a forest of trees, to find a place that is level AND where we have a shot at the satellite.