Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Mokelumne River

North Fork Mokelumne River Camp.

Yes, we returned to the N. Fork Mokelumne, where we camped a few days ago. It is just the best site around, and nobody was parked in "our" spot. Maybe soon, we will find out why?

We could sure use our new refrig and levelers, both of which are on order. I tried so hard, but I could not get Tioga level this afternoon. That means that the refrig will probably turn on me during the next few days. The name of the frig is Mr. Dometic. Does that mean stupid refrig in French? Right now it is almost 7pm, getting cool, but Mr. Dometic is cooking along at 52 °F in the frig section. I've moved everything highly perishable into the freezer.

Tioga and George have been talking it over. We want to stay in this spot, right here at the N. Fork Mokelumne, until Friday morning. Tioga doesn't think that I can do it. She says that I have too much shpilkas. I may have to drive up for supplies to West Point, the little town about two miles southeast of our camp. Staying here will give me a chance to catch up on some of my projects, and in such a beautiful place too.

Oh, oh!! The sheriff is looking at Tioga from the road.

I just got back from talking to Sheriff Nottingham. Really, that's his name! He said that it was legal to camp here. He had a big German Shepard name Polo who was very friendly. Imagine that? A free camping place on State of California property, and here it is legal. Go figure!