Saturday, June 21, 2003

Hunter Creek Camp.

Here we are at our Hunter Creek campsite, and lucky we were to find this near perfect place. Our campsite is 65 miles north of Eureka. After Arcata, there are no campsites to be found, except those horrid RV Campgrounds which Tioga & George refuse to consider. Can you imagine that THEY even want us to pay to stay there? Incredible?!

On the way up, we drove on the Newton B. Drury Parkway and viewed those enormous redwood trees that have been growing there since the beginning of time. The Newton B. Drury Parkway used to be the Old Highway 101 many years ago.

We looked and looked for a campsite as we drove. Nothing. Finally, Mr. Delorme spoke up. Mr. Delorme has not been behaving lately, so we were concerned. [Mr. Delorme is our GPS system.] He said, "Go up Hunter Creek Road, there's a nice place up there." Tioga said, "What do we have to lose?" So up the road we went. I actually drove past our campsite, when Tioga & Mr. Delorme began shouting at me to go back. I had to drive backwards for a few hundred yards.

This campsite at first look was too good to be true. A lovely trickling stream. A nice flat area alongside the stream. It was a bit scary driving down to the stream because there was a small drop. But it was no problem. As you may see from the pic, we are alongside the creek. We are hidden from the road behind trees. So far, we have had only two visitors. One departed quickly and the 2nd stayed for only ten minutes playing loud rap noise. Thank God that this "music lover" left.

We might stay here until Monday morning, if we are not disturbed. But if nasty hooligans show up, all of us have agreed to make tracks.

BTW, all of us are:
George the driver, Tioga the RV, Mr. Dometic the refrigerator, Mr. Delorme the Global Positioning System and last but not least, Mr. DataStorm the Satellite Antenna.