Saturday, June 07, 2003

Tioga & George in St. Helena.

Well, well, well !! So much has happened since I last journaled on Wednesday. First of all, the solar panels are on Tioga's roof, and she is so delighted about that event. Our average charging amps went from around 14 to over 24 amps. We have a fully charged battery bank everyday, and early in the afternoon too.

The PowerPlus leveling system came in to Dr. Scott's Thursday morning, and the installation was complete by noon. These jacks look very good. I will take some pics of them for all to see.

The bad brand new Dometic #1 was replaced with a good brand new Dometic #2. This one seems to be doing fine. Of course now, we have Mr. PowerPlus Leveling System to keep Mr. Dometic's juices flowing properly.

Tioga and George did not even realize that they were now heading out on their big adventure, for reals. We had just crossed the bridge near Benecia, when suddenly it dawned on us that there was nothing left to test. Everything works now!

We quickly pulled over to the side of the Freeway, and phoned elder son David to let him to know that the adventure had begun. Tioga and George will miss the famous and long awaited for "Swimming Pool Filling" at son David's home. But what can we do??!? David will send us pics of his beautiful waters. Tioga and George are haunted by waters.

Free at last, free at last, Lord A'Mighty we are free at last!