Thursday, July 31, 2003

Before dawn, George was watching the pond at Maratta Creek Camp. He did not have his glasses on, and he thought that a duck swam by, but could not see the duck's head. Later on George looked at the duck thru binoculars. It actualy was a large beaver and dove into the pond exposing its tail.

Here we see George looking at what he believes to be the beaver's home. What do you think? Does that look like a beaver home to you?

We are boondocked up on a mountain near Ariel, Washington, east of Woodland. We are on our way to see the backside of Mount Saint Helens, near the town of Cougar, Washington. We call the campsite where we are boondocked, Merwin Lake High Camp because Merwin Lake lies below.

When George chose Merwin Lake High Camp, everybody on the TiogaRV Team thought that he went crazy. This place is a favorite for every gun nut in the area. There are shell casings all over this place. Of course George is not concerned because he has Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson on his Team. George thinks that this campsite is wonderful. What do you think? The TiogaRV Team thinks that this site is horrid.


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