Thursday, July 10, 2003

Below is a pic that Mr. Sony Mavica snapped, just after The Tioga Team left Metolius Overlook Camp. This shot shows the North Sister framed by trees. Just Beautiful.

Today was a good day. Our jack came in from FedEx, and Ponderosa Forge welded on the big foot pad and installed the jack back on Ms. Tioga. The factory did not do all the repairs that it should have on the jack. The gear box has some damage that was not repaired. But for now, it seems to be working well enough, but we will have to talk to the factory about this problem.

We had intended to spend the next few days near Sisters, Oregon, and meet with a fellow DataStorm user. But, the town was filling up with tourists for the Giant Quilt Exhibition, and we decided to move on. This quilt show is the largest in the United States!!

We drove to Redmond, Oregon, and here made contact with an Air Conditioning mechanic that was recommended to us. He will work on our A/C tomorrow morning.

Below is a pic from our campsite in Redmond, Oregon. This area is high desert, and the sunsets are spectacular. This pic includes a huge volcano. There are many, many volcanos that we have seen all over Oregon. Some look as big as Mt. Shasta !



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