Thursday, July 24, 2003

I am at the base of Mount Rainier, near the town of Paradise, WA. That name is no lie. There is so much beauty here, that it overwhelms me. No wonder this town is named Paradise! I have to shake myself to really look, and not become jaded by all of this wonder. Below is a pic of Mount Rainier. This will be as close as I will get to this volcano. Thru my binoculars, I am able to see tiny people walking on the glacier on the way to the top. I hear climbers talking to themselves, saying that they enjoyed camping over night at the summit. Incredible.

I am captivated by the flowers. Some are so common. I see them along roadways covered with dust. Yet they are gorgeous.

This one, whatever it is called, is a terrific flower. When I pick it, to put in the George cup, I see that each flower is really a dozen little flowers!

We made Nite Camp at Cougar Rock Camp, a few miles from Paradise, WA.

Nite Camp Location Link