Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Our boondock site for today, and is at Maratta Creek, just west of Saint Helens National Monument. I am amazed that more RVs are not here (happy too). Our Maratta Creek camp is very close to our campsite yesterday, but much prettier.

Those of you who wonder how I find these boondock sites should know, that the only thing that I use to find them is curiousity. The entrance to the tiny dirt road to the pond in the pic above is disguised, and I did not find it until my early morning walk today.

George is at the closest that we will get to the big volcano. Mount Saint Helens at this point is 8 miles away. Does the sloping crater look a mile wide? During a lecture today at the Mount Saint Helens Visitors Center, they told us that the crater is one mile wide.



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