Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Looking at Mount Saint Helens' blown out face which occurred in the May, 1980 eruption. This pic was taken outside Ms. Tioga at the end of a lovely day. Do we seem close to this active volcano? Well, we are!! And, there is smoke belching from the crater, as well. We can only imagine what this exact spot where we are now was like at the moment of the volcanic blast at 8:32 Sunday morning, May 18, 1980.

I believe that I mentioned how hard it is to boondock in National Parks. Saint Helens is a National Monument, and it is a bit easier here. I found our present boondock site, called St. Helens Camp, by following a short Weyerhauser Timber Company road. It is really nice. I love to camp early in the afternoon, at least by 4pm. Otherwise, it gets difficult when I am tired.

Looking at the huge mud flow that came with the eruption. I know that it looks like a river, but it really is the 1980 mud flow.



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