Sunday, July 27, 2003

The pic below shows the problem that George is repairing. The forward portion of the cabover should be a straight line. As you may see, it is a curved line, with the lower portion in the center.

This happened because the inside support for the drooping laminate was subjected to long term water damage and delaminated from the fiberglass. That caused the cabover fiberglass to droop over the cab below.

George decided to bond wood blocks onto the fiberglass which was now hanging loose because it had no support. He would draw up these blocks to the proper position with a brand new cabover floor to replace the rotted floor that he removed. The problem was, to find a method of bonding that was strong enough. We tried one cement, and it was too weak and George had to remove all of the glue and try again. The 2nd time, we used a 3M contact cement. So far, it seems to be strong enough.

Here is a pic of the wood blocks, shown cemented in place. Tomorrow we will install the new cabover floor and bring the drooping laminate up to its proper position with screws.


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