Friday, July 25, 2003

Right after we had our transmission repaired, we went to an RV company called Olingers to have all of our oil and lubrication needs taken care of. The service advisor mentioned that TiogaRV had a lot of structural damage in the cabover area, and he could see it by the way the laminate of the cabover drooped over the steel cab.

Last night, I dug into that damage. It is just awful. Below is a pic of a portion of the rotten material, after I removed most of it. What you see in the forward part of the pic below, is the outer layer of laminate. There is only 1/16" of laminate between us and the outside!

This same service adviser said that repairs would likely cost over $2,000 !! Luckily, I think that I will be able to repair it myself. I used to be a cabinet maker you know, working mostly with laminated cabinets. Below is a pic of the material purchased to do the repairs. It costs only $60.

At least we will be able to work here at Wild Turkey Camp in peace and solitude. Coincidentally, just as I typed the word "solitude", the first vehicle that I've seen on this mountain drove by. About five minutes later, it returned and went down the mountain.

Below is a pic of Wild Turkey Wood Shop, in full production around quitting time. Note the way George really works hard, at quitting time. Why is that?



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  1. Were the tools battery operated and recharged via an inverter running off your batteries and solar panels, or were you driving corded units via generator?