Monday, July 28, 2003

This lovely park and lake are a perfect boondocking spot. However, a sign reads that the gates are locked at dusk and the park is closed! So, our plan is to stay here during the afternoon and evening. We will make dinner and eat. Then go for a wonderful evening walk around the lake. Shortly before dusk, we will scoot out and camp in town.

We decided not to scoot into Toledo. Instead, we continued down the road about 9 miles, and found "Camp Seven Elk." I kid you not. There are seven elk grazing about two hundred yards from Ms. Tioga. I thought that they were deer, but upon looking at them thru binoculars, I realized that these Antler People were three times the size of any deer that I ever saw. I found a pic of elk on the net to compare, and sure enough, these are actually elk near our Camp!

I was not able to take a pic of the elk, because it is a bit too dark.

Ms. Tioga, and all of the rest of the Tioga Gang, are just thrilled that George was able to complete the repairs on the moisture ruined cabover floor and the delaminated fiberglass. Frankly, Mr. Chips the computer was quoted as saying, "George's wood block plan won't work." Apparently Mr. Chips did not think George could fulfill this plan, especially when the little wood blocks began popping off.

As you may see, the job came out pretty good. The only item that we are concerned about is, whether the 3M High Strength 90 cement will hold up to Tioga's rattling around on dirt roads.

Do you think that the cement will hold up?


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