Wednesday, July 23, 2003

This morning, we returned to Morton, Washington to wash clothes, and shop for food. Then we took off for Mount Rainier National Park. Now, I hope everybody will forgive me for this, but I am staying in a $paid$ campsite. Listen, you cannot boondock in a National Park. I have a mitigating claim, I am only paying $7.50/night. OK?

Below is a pic from just a few feet from our campsite. That Mount Rainier, sure is huge! Are you able to see Ms. Tioga over my right shoulder?

Tonight there is a ranger talk at 9pm. I always got a kick out of taking my boys to those things, when they were kids. I don't know about hiking around this park. It seems awfully large for that. The rivers inside the park look grey, and I wonder if that is because of the runoff from Mt. Rainier.


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