Tuesday, July 08, 2003

This morning we went down to Ponderosa Forge and had Tioga's bent chassis repaired. While that work was being done, I asked them to also weld large steel foot pads onto the jacks. The new pads are made from 3/8" steel and are 10" x 14". The pads that came with the jacks are 6" x 8" and were so small that I had to put wood blocks under them to keep from sinking into the earth. These big pads work swell, and Mr. Levelers is beside himself with joy. The repaired jack is on its way from Indiana, overnite FedEx, and should be here tomorrow.

When we came back to our campsite, we tried to go to Squaw Creek Camp #1, but it just did not have IT! You know what I mean? The magic of Squaw Creek Camp #2.

Below is a pic of Squaw Creek, at Camp #2. Isn't it beautiful? We all love it so much :)



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