Tuesday, July 22, 2003

The TiogaRV gang decided to explore the mountain this morning. Since our human George was the only one with feet, we sent him up. When George returned, he said that it was beautiful up high. So we decided to spend a 2nd day on the mountain, and moved up 700 feet in elevation to Wild Turkey Camp (George saw a wild turkey up there).

Here is a pic that shows what we discovered at Wild Turkey Camp. Mount Rainier peaking over yonder mountain top. She is so BIG and so MAGNIFICENT!

This place is filled with flowers. We know that many consider daisies almost weeds. The TiogaRV gang believes that daisies are beautiful flowers. We do not know what the bell shaped flower is, so we named it "Violet Belles." Later today, one of our readers named Tony emailed us to let us know that the bell shaped flowers are called "Fox Gloves." Tony used to live in Oregon, and knows these flowers (misses them too, we expect). Thanks, Tony.

We are almost ashamed to tell you that we found loads and loads of berries, ripe and ready for the eating here at Wild Turkey Camp. We don't want you to be jealous of the TiogaRV gang. Well, maybe a little jealous :)

Nite Camp Location Link

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