Saturday, July 19, 2003

We are at Camp Rainier on the Columbia River. The pic below shows the Lewis and Clark Bridge over the Columbia River at Rainier, Oregon.

Lewis & Clark Bridge over Columbia River.

The TiogaRV team have been dealing with a host of maintenance problems that could only be dealt with by spending a lot of $cash$. When our transmission was diagnosed as bad, and needing complete replacement, we became suspicious of the maintenance done by Tioga's former owner on the rest of the mechanical items. So we drove Tioga to Olinger's Travel Homes in Hillsboro, Oregon, and had every single oil and grease location emptied and refilled with new oil and new grease. It was a good thing too. Tioga's differential was filled with solidified oil that was black and had to be pumped out. We will pay much closer attention to maintenance from now on!!

Camping in this part of Oregon is very, very difficult. The towns are very small, and it is hard to find a side street to camp in without sticking out like a sore thumb. The forests are not National Forests, and are closed off to those wanting to camp. We were very lucky to find that in the town of Rainier, Oregon, there is parking (maybe city parking) on a gravel stretch near the Columbia River.

Gotta go now, and eat. I am starving because it is 9:30pm!!

Hey everybody, is Lance Armstrong going to win his Fifth straight Tour de France? I think so, and am predicting that Monday he will put the pedal to the metal and squeeze the life out of his chief competitor, Mr. Ullrich from Germany.


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  1. Yeah, it's a sad truth that little of the Tillamook National forest is open, though there are campgrounds out in the depths of the forests, but nowhere that is free :(.