Monday, July 07, 2003

We are BACK at Squaw Creek Camp #2!! And we are darned happy to be here too.

Here is what happened. We had to find a place that would receive the repaired leveler jack that is being shipped to us from Indiana. We also had to find a shop that would fix our chassis that was bent when the leveler broke. It turns out that Ponderosa Forge in Sisters, Oregon will repair the chassis AND receive the leveler. The chassis will be repaired tomorrow morning, and the leveler probably will not arrive until Friday. So, we get to spend more time here at Squaw Creek until then :)

We went shopping, and one of the things that was purchased was a "Beef Brisquet Pot Roast." I have a special way of making a roast. I make it like a stew, in a little highly seasoned water and put in the oven covered and let it roast for a long, long, long time. Until the meat is almost ready to fall apart. My Mommy who died last August made it that way, and it was SO delicious.

A few days ago, I put a pic up of a box near our campsite. Did anybody figure out what it was?



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