Friday, July 18, 2003

We are finally out from Reliable Transmission. They are wonderful people, and their manager, whose name is "Guy" treated us like family. Tioga has a completely rebuilt transmission. It was a good thing that we went to have our transmission checked too, because it was just ready to fall apart!! The TiogaRV gang recommends Reliable Transmission to anybody passing thru Hillsboro, Oregon.

We were very upset during all of this time. We lost our email address, and cannot get it back. That was very frustrating. Also, Mr. Dometic the refrigerator has been having some problems staying on all of the time. Today he went off twice, and right now our fridge temperature is a warm 49 degrees F. Mr. Dometic is trying so hard to cool down. We are all cheering him on, and we know that he will be back to his own cool self very soon.

Below is a pic of us, where we went to get ourselves together after leaving Reliable Transmission. Behind Tioga, is the hotel that George stayed at during the repairs. You know something, everybody? Sometimes things get rough. Thru it all, life is really wonderful. Only sometimes, it is very difficult to keep that "wonderful" part in perspective!!

In the morning, we will decide if we are going to take a run up to Ashford, Washington, to see Mount Ranier up close. We have heard that it is stunning. After that, we will journey down towards the Rogue River for our raft trip with elder son David.

Several weeks later, our newly rebuilt transmission would fail. And, Reliable Transmission would refuse to give us any info about how to exercise their warranty. Later we learned that there was actually nothing wrong with our transmission in the first place. Reliable Transmission had duped us into believing that the normal sludge found in a tranny showed that MsTioga's tranny was about to fail.


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