Sunday, July 06, 2003

We have been planning for a couple of days on leaving Squaw Creek Camp #2. And, now that it is the late afternoon before we are to leave, George is feeling a bit melancholy at the prospect. This is the first time George has felt that way about a camp. Squaw Creek has something special. It is the creek.

When it is hot and the wind is like the desert, the breeze that drifts through the creek is soft and refreshingly cool. There is always shade, no matter what time of day. The water, oh the water. It practically talks. Everything at the creek is perfect.

The wildlife about the creek come down to drink. Today we saw a little tiny squirrel. The squirrels here are so adorable. They are smart too, and know that there is no danger if they come close. This squirrel, about 4" long, came down for its drink and stood at the water's edge only a few feet from George's chair. First a drink, then a look around with tail wagging, then more drinking.

Tomorrow, we have to check on our repaired leveler. Then we plan to head east towards Redmond, Oregon. We are heading north to the Crooked River National Forest area. We like National Forests, because The Mounties are friendly there.

We have not mentioned The Three Sisters. These huge mountains overpower the views from most of the land below. We have wondered what the pioneers thought, when these giant obstacles appeared and then grew and grew as they approached them. In this pic, George is standing where all Three Sisters may be seen.

Credits: Photos & text by Mr. Sony Mavica of the TiogaRV crew



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