Sunday, August 31, 2003

We headed north from Galice, Oregon to Glendale, Oregon. We have boondocked along Cow Creek Road west of Glendale in a BLM Campsite called Skull Creek. This site is empty, and of course FREE. Below is a pic of George and Ms. Tioga.

We are heading towards Agness, Oregon and plan to see the coast again at Gold Beach, Oregon. George is still mooning over his float trip down the Rogue River. Between the mooning about, and the U.S. Tennis Open, I don't think that the TiogaRV Team will get any work out of him very soon.

GPS: N42.77183 W123.57083


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Saturday, August 30, 2003

George is back from his Rogue River Journey, and it was fantastic ! George travelled with White Water Warehouse as his river guides, and he recommends them to anyone who wants a wonderful river trip.

White Water Warehouse!

George paddled an inflatable kayak thru the largest rapids on the river, and only got dunked once in the famous Mule Creek Canyon. Below is a pic of a campsite just about dawn.

Below is a pic of George among the many boats along on this river trip.


One of the best parts of the trip was the food. It was great. Served on tables and chairs with desserts and everything. Below is a pic of everybody at the dinner table.

Dinner on the Rogue.

Below is a pic of David and Pedro with George in their kayaks on the Rogue River.

David/Pedro & George.

Latitude: N42 34.04' Longitude: N123 35.70'


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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Hi Everybody! We are here near the Rogue River with my oldest son David. Tomorrow we are floating down the Rogue thru the Wild & Scenic Section. Below is a pic of David & George in the Almeda Park near the Rogue.

Do you see the cookie box that Tracy filled for us? Thanks, Tracy

David & George at Almeda Park.

We will be on our Rogue River Float Trip until Saturday afternoon, so this will be our last blogging journal till then.

All of the TiogaRV Team wishes you a goodbye until we write to you again. :)

Latitude: N42 36.43' Longitude: W123 34.83'


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Monday, August 25, 2003

Perhaps because I boondock every night, many people have asked me for recommendations for boondock sites. My feeling is that boondockers should not follow others, but should have rules for their own boondocking.

My rules are pretty simple:
1. When I am on a road with a lot of traffic, I take the first small road that I come to, turn off and explore.
2. When I am driving alongside a river, and there are zillions of vehicles and RVs parked there, I drive up the first mountain road that I come to and explore.
3. While I am driving, I try to look at all of the beauty out there.
4. Driving fast ruins everything. Try driving at no more than 50mph. At that speed you may still see what's out there. This means that very often you will have to pull over to let others pass. That courtesy is a good thing.
5. Be courageous in searching. Sometimes the roads are not paved, are bumpy with lots of trees near the road. Do not be afraid. However, you have to use good judgement too.
5. Stay in one place. It is not necessary to move every morning. Staying for me, is the key to my enjoyment of a boondock site.

Below is a pic of a few lovely trees, and a forested mountain across the Rogue Canyon. There is nothing outstanding about this pic. However, it is beautiful beyond comprehension. This is the key to finding wonderful boondock sites. We must have our minds open to seeing the beauty that we search for, because, often it is right before our eyes.

[Pic was lost!]

GPS: N42.66383 W123.62083 (Same location as yesterday)


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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Yesterday evening, we took this beautiful pic below of the setting sun. There seem to be many more lovely sunsets in the wilds, than in the city. I wonder why?

Today was the first time that we had boondocked on a mountain top and at the same time, the sky was clear. George likes to look at the stars, so we all decided to get up before daylight, and look at the night sky. At 4am, the Moon was only a sliver, low in the sky. We saw the Big Dipper, and the Belt of Orien. Directly overhead, we looked into the heart of our Galaxy, The Milky Way. It made us feel so small, and in such awe. We thought about the fact that while we are doing our boondocking thing, Our Galaxy is whirling about in space. And, we wondered about how very big, Our Galaxy is.

Just as we were about to go back inside Ms. Tioga, a bright meteor streaked across the Northern sky. Wow !!

About 7am, we took off down the road for Galice where the beginning of the raft trip down the Rogue River starts, This is a rather slow ride, even for us, because much of this trip is on a dirt road which is bumpy. Finally, we came to the First Look at the Rogue!! The pic below shows the entrance to the Wild & Scenic part of the Rogue trip. Graves Creek Rapid is just below, and in the distance is Graves Creek Falls.

First Look at the Rogue!!

The pic below is as close as we could get to Graves Creek Falls.
Graves Creek Falls.

The following two pics are dedicated to my oldest son David and his friend Tracy. The first pic is an elevation view of the Famous Rainey Falls on the Rogue River. Rainey is the biggest rapid on the Rogue and is known by some fearless paddlers as "Killer Fang Falls."

Fearsom Rainey Falls.

The pic below is a shot looking downstream from our boondock spot for today. Is this not a wonderful boondock? We call this site, "Whiskey Creek Overlook Camp" because that what the road sign reads. We have not spotted Whiskey Creek yet.

Whiskey Creek Overlook Camp.

GPS: N42.66383 W123.62083


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Saturday, August 23, 2003

After a nice omelet with sausage, onions and cheese, we broke Camp Coquille #2 and continued down the road heading towards Galice, Oregon. Galice is 47 miles away, too far to travel in one day. So, we were on the lookout for a new boondock spot.

We traveled up a good sized mountain, and as we approached the top, our next boondock site said hello to us. There was a sign on the road indicating a toilet ahead. Would you believe?

We call this place Camp August Knob, after a nearby mountain. We are at 3,752 elevation. This pic was taken looking out of George's office window.

I wish that Mr. Sony Mavica, our camera could record what I feel. He cannot, because there is too much beauty out here in the wilds. Too much to see. Too much to hear. The trees, the wind, the sounds, the fragrance of the pine needles. Why am I so lucky to be here?

Location Map-We are the Star

GPS: N42.79017 W123.80000


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Friday, August 22, 2003

Readers who want to be boondockers, but have not boondocked at all, might think that finding all of these boondocking sites is very hard to do. "Maybe Tioga & George are just lucky," you might be thinking. I assure you, that we are only lucky to be out here in the wilds. There are zillions of wonderful places waiting for you to find them.

We left Camp Coquille #1 and made Camp Coquille #2 later that morning. This camp is established by the forest service, and even has an outhouse with real toilet paper. Here is a pic of this camp with George walking towards Ms. Tioga.

We named this Camp Coquille #2 after the South Fork Coquille River, because the river runs right past where we are boondocked. Here is a pic of the Coquille from a nearby bridge.

Location Map-We are the Star

GPS: N42.74667 W123.99933


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Thursday, August 21, 2003

We are on our 2nd day at this wonderful boondock site, Camp Coquille, named after the South Fork Coquille River which flows on the other side of the road (in our backyard). We are thinking that we will continue to boondock here to Saturday and then search for Coquille River Falls which is upstream a bit.

This morning George was horsing around on the internet, and did not go for breakfast until almost 9 o'clock. Would you believe? And then, he came to breakfast in his PJs !! Here is a pic of George in his PJs, eating breakfast and listening to Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt" on Bay Boombox.

George says that we have some chores lined up to do. He says that we wants to check the outside panel joints which are covered by those joint channels with plastic cover strips. We have found that many of the screws holding these joint channels are completely rusted out, meaning that water is getting thru to our wall interior. We are sealing up the joints and the area underneath these channels. Also sealing the screw holes before we drive new screws.

George said that he had some chores lined up to do today. But what happened was, George worked for about an hour, then he went across the road to the Coquille Pool and played in the water all morning long. After that, George came back and made a Chili Size, the same as Ptomaine Tommy's used to make. While he ate, George listened to Al Jolson sing on the Baby Boombox. The life of a boondocker is really rough.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

We had intended to go south to Gold Beach, Oregon and then inland to our put-in site for our Rogue River raft trip. But this morning I consulted with Mr. DeLorme, our GPS system, and he suggested to go thru Powers, Oregon instead. Mr. DeLorme said that there were a lot of nice streams that way. So we took off for Powers, Oregon which is a cute little lumber town. While in Powers, we treated ourselves to a root beer float in Jack's Fountain, a 40 year old establishment which had every table filled at 3pm.

As we travelled south out of Powers, a lovely stream named the South Fork Coquille River showed up. All of the team had our eyes pealed for a boondock place. We like to be off the road by 4pm, and tonite we are making roast beast, and that takes extra time. Suddenly, there it was. A small shaded dirt road into the trees. Here is the pic of that shaded place.

This shaded forest was beautiful, filled with ferns. But there was more. We could hear the sound of water pouring over rocks. It was not just water flowing. It was also a beautiful deep pool.

Fellow RVers, there is so much out here to enjoy. So much that does not cost one cent to soak up.

Do you know what we are going to have for desert tonite? I will give you a hint, it is ripe and growing just outside Ms. Tioga. There are a billion ripe black berries waiting to be eaten. We will pick our share, and put them over Tillamook French Vanilla Ice Cream. Have I mentioned this before? It is so delicious, it is worth mentioning again.

GPS: N42.78867 W124.01917


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