Saturday, August 23, 2003

After a nice omelet with sausage, onions and cheese, we broke Camp Coquille #2 and continued down the road heading towards Galice, Oregon. Galice is 47 miles away, too far to travel in one day. So, we were on the lookout for a new boondock spot.

We traveled up a good sized mountain, and as we approached the top, our next boondock site said hello to us. There was a sign on the road indicating a toilet ahead. Would you believe?

We call this place Camp August Knob, after a nearby mountain. We are at 3,752 elevation. This pic was taken looking out of George's office window.

I wish that Mr. Sony Mavica, our camera could record what I feel. He cannot, because there is too much beauty out here in the wilds. Too much to see. Too much to hear. The trees, the wind, the sounds, the fragrance of the pine needles. Why am I so lucky to be here?

Location Map-We are the Star

GPS: N42.79017 W123.80000


Google Map Anchor Link

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