Monday, August 25, 2003

Perhaps because I boondock every night, many people have asked me for recommendations for boondock sites. My feeling is that boondockers should not follow others, but should have rules for their own boondocking.

My rules are pretty simple:
1. When I am on a road with a lot of traffic, I take the first small road that I come to, turn off and explore.
2. When I am driving alongside a river, and there are zillions of vehicles and RVs parked there, I drive up the first mountain road that I come to and explore.
3. While I am driving, I try to look at all of the beauty out there.
4. Driving fast ruins everything. Try driving at no more than 50mph. At that speed you may still see what's out there. This means that very often you will have to pull over to let others pass. That courtesy is a good thing.
5. Be courageous in searching. Sometimes the roads are not paved, are bumpy with lots of trees near the road. Do not be afraid. However, you have to use good judgement too.
5. Stay in one place. It is not necessary to move every morning. Staying for me, is the key to my enjoyment of a boondock site.

Below is a pic of a few lovely trees, and a forested mountain across the Rogue Canyon. There is nothing outstanding about this pic. However, it is beautiful beyond comprehension. This is the key to finding wonderful boondock sites. We must have our minds open to seeing the beauty that we search for, because, often it is right before our eyes.

[Pic was lost!]

GPS: N42.66383 W123.62083 (Same location as yesterday)


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