Friday, August 22, 2003

Readers who want to be boondockers, but have not boondocked at all, might think that finding all of these boondocking sites is very hard to do. "Maybe Tioga & George are just lucky," you might be thinking. I assure you, that we are only lucky to be out here in the wilds. There are zillions of wonderful places waiting for you to find them.

We left Camp Coquille #1 and made Camp Coquille #2 later that morning. This camp is established by the forest service, and even has an outhouse with real toilet paper. Here is a pic of this camp with George walking towards Ms. Tioga.

We named this Camp Coquille #2 after the South Fork Coquille River, because the river runs right past where we are boondocked. Here is a pic of the Coquille from a nearby bridge.

Location Map-We are the Star

GPS: N42.74667 W123.99933


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