Thursday, August 21, 2003

We are on our 2nd day at this wonderful boondock site, Camp Coquille, named after the South Fork Coquille River which flows on the other side of the road (in our backyard). We are thinking that we will continue to boondock here to Saturday and then search for Coquille River Falls which is upstream a bit.

This morning George was horsing around on the internet, and did not go for breakfast until almost 9 o'clock. Would you believe? And then, he came to breakfast in his PJs !! Here is a pic of George in his PJs, eating breakfast and listening to Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt" on Bay Boombox.

George says that we have some chores lined up to do. He says that we wants to check the outside panel joints which are covered by those joint channels with plastic cover strips. We have found that many of the screws holding these joint channels are completely rusted out, meaning that water is getting thru to our wall interior. We are sealing up the joints and the area underneath these channels. Also sealing the screw holes before we drive new screws.

George said that he had some chores lined up to do today. But what happened was, George worked for about an hour, then he went across the road to the Coquille Pool and played in the water all morning long. After that, George came back and made a Chili Size, the same as Ptomaine Tommy's used to make. While he ate, George listened to Al Jolson sing on the Baby Boombox. The life of a boondocker is really rough.


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