Wednesday, August 20, 2003

We had intended to go south to Gold Beach, Oregon and then inland to our put-in site for our Rogue River raft trip. But this morning I consulted with Mr. DeLorme, our GPS system, and he suggested to go thru Powers, Oregon instead. Mr. DeLorme said that there were a lot of nice streams that way. So we took off for Powers, Oregon which is a cute little lumber town. While in Powers, we treated ourselves to a root beer float in Jack's Fountain, a 40 year old establishment which had every table filled at 3pm.

As we travelled south out of Powers, a lovely stream named the South Fork Coquille River showed up. All of the team had our eyes pealed for a boondock place. We like to be off the road by 4pm, and tonite we are making roast beast, and that takes extra time. Suddenly, there it was. A small shaded dirt road into the trees. Here is the pic of that shaded place.

This shaded forest was beautiful, filled with ferns. But there was more. We could hear the sound of water pouring over rocks. It was not just water flowing. It was also a beautiful deep pool.

Fellow RVers, there is so much out here to enjoy. So much that does not cost one cent to soak up.

Do you know what we are going to have for desert tonite? I will give you a hint, it is ripe and growing just outside Ms. Tioga. There are a billion ripe black berries waiting to be eaten. We will pick our share, and put them over Tillamook French Vanilla Ice Cream. Have I mentioned this before? It is so delicious, it is worth mentioning again.

GPS: N42.78867 W124.01917


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  1. It was a devil of a challenge to find Jack's Fountain Cafe, as google map searching it won't turn it up :p.