Sunday, August 24, 2003

Yesterday evening, we took this beautiful pic below of the setting sun. There seem to be many more lovely sunsets in the wilds, than in the city. I wonder why?

Today was the first time that we had boondocked on a mountain top and at the same time, the sky was clear. George likes to look at the stars, so we all decided to get up before daylight, and look at the night sky. At 4am, the Moon was only a sliver, low in the sky. We saw the Big Dipper, and the Belt of Orien. Directly overhead, we looked into the heart of our Galaxy, The Milky Way. It made us feel so small, and in such awe. We thought about the fact that while we are doing our boondocking thing, Our Galaxy is whirling about in space. And, we wondered about how very big, Our Galaxy is.

Just as we were about to go back inside Ms. Tioga, a bright meteor streaked across the Northern sky. Wow !!

About 7am, we took off down the road for Galice where the beginning of the raft trip down the Rogue River starts, This is a rather slow ride, even for us, because much of this trip is on a dirt road which is bumpy. Finally, we came to the First Look at the Rogue!! The pic below shows the entrance to the Wild & Scenic part of the Rogue trip. Graves Creek Rapid is just below, and in the distance is Graves Creek Falls.

First Look at the Rogue!!

The pic below is as close as we could get to Graves Creek Falls.
Graves Creek Falls.

The following two pics are dedicated to my oldest son David and his friend Tracy. The first pic is an elevation view of the Famous Rainey Falls on the Rogue River. Rainey is the biggest rapid on the Rogue and is known by some fearless paddlers as "Killer Fang Falls."

Fearsom Rainey Falls.

The pic below is a shot looking downstream from our boondock spot for today. Is this not a wonderful boondock? We call this site, "Whiskey Creek Overlook Camp" because that what the road sign reads. We have not spotted Whiskey Creek yet.

Whiskey Creek Overlook Camp.

GPS: N42.66383 W123.62083


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