Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Leave it to Mr. Sony Mavica to urge George to go out to see the beauty of our boondock site. Even in the city, there are such wonderful things to be seen. Below is a Sunset Sky over the fabulous Mount Diablo of Contra Costa County in Northern California. These sites are just a few feet from Ms. Tioga.

Speaking of Ms. Tioga, here is a pic of the famous RV herself taking a look at this sunset.

Cancer test called off.
I called off my CT scan because of a potential kidney problem with the iodine contrast that they use in this procedure. I felt that there was too much danger to my kidneys from this CT Scan. Besides, I feel great and believe that I am cancer free.


Monday, September 29, 2003

George got up early, and during the 5am hour drove to Kaiser Hospital. There is a parking lot near Kaiser to keep Ms. Tioga if he gets there early. George is to take a CT Scan this morning to see if everything is OK. He is sure that it is OK. George feels very good. There is vile tasting liquid that George has to drink in prep for the CT Scan. He has to take a blood test too.

We are here so early, that George decided to go back to bed for awhile. It is hard to sleep. The nearby freeway is making its ugly noises as the trucks and cars whiz by. George finds himself yearning for the peace and beauty of the wilds. It is so easy to sleep in the wilds, with its quiet and beautiful sounds.


Thursday, September 25, 2003

George worked most of the day on Ms. Tioga's roof sealing job. We bought a sealing tape called "One Step Eternabond." George says, "Putting the tape on is one step, but there are plenty of other steps first." The rest of the Team just watched George work, except for me, Mr. Sony Mavica. I ran around like mad taking pics of everything. Below is a pic of George working on a side seam.

George removed the trim molding from Ms. Tioga's side. Upon removing that molding, it was seen that the rubber roof wrapped over the roof and down the wall. The molding was used only to mask and protect the rubber edge. The screws and staples used to secure the molding and the rubber roof material were very rusty showing that water had often penetrated. George trimmed some of this rubber roof material back so that the Eternabond tape would completely cover the rubber edge on the wall and about 3" on the roof.

Below is a closeup pic of the exposed rubber edge.

Tomorrow George will clean the roof where the Eternabond will go and then apply the tape. The pic below shows George holding the molding that he will put back over the Eternabond tape.


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The TiogaRV Team is boondocked around the corner from the home of George's son David. We started our Great Adventure from here. We have been gone a bit short of four months, 109 days. We have come so far, only to arrive at where we started. Below is a pic of George with Ms. Tioga at their favorite Concord boondock place.

Thinking about all the places we have been, and all the Wonderful Adventures we have had, it almost seems unreal. As if the whole thing was a movie. And what an Adventure Movie it was, too.

We saw wonderful rivers outside Ms. Tioga's window. We saw the sunset in colors that only a picture could possibly describe. We boondocked on a volcano, and watched miniature Snow People skiing down its side in the middle of July. We remember a little creek near Sisters, Oregon and looking across the Willamette River to see gorgeous downtown Portland. And seven elk near sunset, a hundred yards from Ms. Tioga. A beaver in a pond of his own making a few miles from the stark earth of Mount Saint Helens.

We remember oh, so much. George wonders why he is so lucky to have these memories? He doesn't know, but he thanks God for this miracle every single day of his life.

Latitude: N37 57.90' - Longitude: W121 56.34'


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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

George was worried because Ms. Tioga's engine oil looked dirty, so we all headed into the city. So what does George do when we get to a big city? The pic below, tells it all. Oh yes, Ms. Tioga wanted to mention that we have a nice tuna salad for lunch inside Mr. Dometic. But George had to have his burger and fries !

After we had Ms. Tioga's engine oil changed, we bought a new mouse for Mr. Chips, our wonderful computer system. Then we found a nice place to park for the afternoon. It is called Julliard Park in Santa Rosa. Below is a pic of this lovely park.

Finding Juliard Park shows the value and wonder of having a GPS system onboard an RV. We could never have found this park, or even knew that it existed. When we did a search for parks, it popped onto our screen and was only a few blocks away from where we were !

Unfortunately, there appeared to be some drug activity later in the evening at Julliard Park. The TiogaRV team moved to a parking lot a few miles away for the night.

Latitude: N38 25.32' - Longitude: W122 42.83'


Monday, September 22, 2003

We are at Windemere Point in Fort Ross, where George scattered his Mommy's ashes last May. It is an especially beautiful place, with lovely waves crashing on rocks making beautiful ocean colors that no human being is able to describe. We will stay here thru supper, and then boondock somewhere else. Camping is not allowed here, for what reason, we do not know.

George received a citation for camping at this exact spot in May, which he contested. That citation was dismissed.

When we were here in May, we were on a shake down cruise for Ms. Tioga. So much has happened since then. Ms. Tioga and George were talking about our whole trip last nite. We both agreed that it was hard for us to realize that we have been on our Journey almost four months !

The pic below shows George looking at the scattering place on Windemere Point.

It is almost impossible to find boondock sites in the Fort Ross area near the seashore. We moved back into the mountains to the east. There was a pullout surrounded by a farmland like meadow which had beautiful open sky. George spent a few hours out there during the nite looking at stars, constellations and such. Warm! It is so warm up here away from the ocean. We did not even have to turn on Mr. Wave, our catalytic heater.

Tomorrow we will decide to return to Windemere Point or continue down the coast towards Jenner. The talk among the TiogaRV Team Members is, Jenner.

Latitude: N38 31.25' - Longitude: W123 11.99'


Sunday, September 21, 2003

We are boondocked a few miles south of Point Arena, a town famous for its Light House that sticks out on a finger of land into the Pacific about two miles. A few feet from Ms. Tioga is a cliff that overlooks the vastness of the Ocean. Ms. Tioga was the first to hear the sound of seals barking. We all looked, and we could hear them but not see them.

We are the only RVs at this marvelous boondock site. Hundreds of RVs go by every hour on Hwy 1 above us. Why are there no RVs here? Are people afraid? Boondocking means exploring and sometimes taking a chance. Look at the wonderful boondock site the TiogaRV Team got from taking a chance and exploring.

The pic below is overwhelmed by the small star that lights our way each day.

After supper, our view mellowed out. George loves evening best. How sunset's colors are so beautiful on the ocean. And after, when the stars come out. Wow!! Tonite there is no Moon and George can see the Milky Way so clearly. Words fail.

Below is a pic of the last bit of sunlight with Tioga and George looking on.

Latitude: N38 51.28' - Longitude: W123 39.09'


Saturday, September 20, 2003

A reader emailed me the other day, asking "How I came to be a Vagabonder-Supreme" and what are my future plans. Being in "The Wellness Community" and the cancer support group that they provide did it all. Watching Group members battle cancer every week. Going to the funerals of those who lost their battle. That changed me. But there was one Group member, that absolutely was the catalyst for me going on my Adventure with Ms. Tioga.

That fellow was Jay Musselman. Jay was a free spirit who rode his Honda motorcycle to Group. Everybody liked or loved Jay. He had lung cancer. Several months before he died, Jay told us at Group that he wanted to take a ride on his bike to Utah with friends. Instead, Jay stayed and fought his cancer. In the end, he never took that ride and lost his battle with cancer.

A few months after Jay died, my oncologist told me that my cancer was in remission. That very day I went out and bought Ms. Tioga. My doctor asked how I was going to come in for my quarterly exams? I told him that whenever I came thru the area, I would come in.

My doctor and some friends think that I am not responsible. They think that I am running away from medical treatment. But, the insiders, those who are in Group know, that for me, being the Greatest Vagabonder In The World is an absolute necessity. I feel that being a Vagabond, keeps the spirits of those Group members who did not make it, alive.

Jay never made it to Utah. Tioga and George will one day get there for him. So now you know why Tioga and George have so much courage. We have absolutely nothing to lose.

What do I want for my future? I want to see the beauty everywhere. I want to help my friends to be boondockers in anyway that I can. I want to strive to be the very best person that I can be, and have love in my heart every single day for the rest of my life.

Tioga and George are hoping that we do not lose our status as Vagabonders-Supreme. We hate to confess this, but last night we actually paid $5 to camp !! Oh Lord, the depths that we have sunk ! We have an excuse, though. We didn't think that the State Mountys would actually come and collect. There were about 10 groups at this site, and we had a good time talking with our neighbors. Below is a pic showing George up close and Ms. Tioga way back there in the parking row.

There was a huge beach in front of Ms. Tioga, filled with drift wood. The Pacific Ocean almost seemed at a higher level than the beach. Ghostly island sized rocks stood out along the horizon.

The TiogaRV team will try to be good boondockers tonight. Do you forgive us?

Nite Camp: Pacific coast of California

Friday, September 19, 2003

We left our boondock site alongside the S. Fk. Eel River during the late morning. We are heading towards the place where George's mother's ashes are scattered near Fort Ross. There is a blog about that somewhere in the June archives. We traveled thru lovely forest, and met the Pacific in the pic below.

We reached Fort Bragg around 4pm, a city that is famous for its famous Skunk Train. George never road the Skunk Train, but he and his son David paddled kayaks alongside their train tracks during the spring of 1978.

We drove around Fort Bragg looking for a boondock site. We found one across the street from Mendocino County Social Services, next to a vacant lot. We like vacant lots for boondock sites, because nobody seems to care if you park there . Below is a pic of George standing in front of the Social Services front door.

Latitude: N39 25.76' - Longitude: W123 48.28'


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