Thursday, September 25, 2003

George worked most of the day on Ms. Tioga's roof sealing job. We bought a sealing tape called "One Step Eternabond." George says, "Putting the tape on is one step, but there are plenty of other steps first." The rest of the Team just watched George work, except for me, Mr. Sony Mavica. I ran around like mad taking pics of everything. Below is a pic of George working on a side seam.

George removed the trim molding from Ms. Tioga's side. Upon removing that molding, it was seen that the rubber roof wrapped over the roof and down the wall. The molding was used only to mask and protect the rubber edge. The screws and staples used to secure the molding and the rubber roof material were very rusty showing that water had often penetrated. George trimmed some of this rubber roof material back so that the Eternabond tape would completely cover the rubber edge on the wall and about 3" on the roof.

Below is a closeup pic of the exposed rubber edge.

Tomorrow George will clean the roof where the Eternabond will go and then apply the tape. The pic below shows George holding the molding that he will put back over the Eternabond tape.


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