Monday, September 08, 2003

This morning we all looked outside to find out what this boondock place looked like, because we arrived here after dark. Wow, this is the biggest and most vacant boondock site that we have ever seen! :)

This boondock site is very wonderful, because it sits at the northern end of the very large Humboldt State Redwoord Park that has the indescribably beautiful Avenue of the Giants running thru it.

Below is pic with of George standing next to a barely flowing Eel River.

We were supposed to have eaten a fine Roast Beast dinner by now. However, that was NOT to be. What happened is that George drove along the Eel River boulder bar and got himself stuck. Then, trying to get out of there, the brand new rebuilt transmission broke. Ms. Tioga had to be towed into Fortuna, California. That is how we got the pic below of George in front of the Ford sign.

Tomorrow, we will find out how much damage George did to the tranny, and to his wallet.

Latitude: N40 35.60' - Longitude: W124 9.29'


Nite Camp Location

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