Saturday, September 20, 2003

A reader emailed me the other day, asking "How I came to be a Vagabonder-Supreme" and what are my future plans. Being in "The Wellness Community" and the cancer support group that they provide did it all. Watching Group members battle cancer every week. Going to the funerals of those who lost their battle. That changed me. But there was one Group member, that absolutely was the catalyst for me going on my Adventure with Ms. Tioga.

That fellow was Jay Musselman. Jay was a free spirit who rode his Honda motorcycle to Group. Everybody liked or loved Jay. He had lung cancer. Several months before he died, Jay told us at Group that he wanted to take a ride on his bike to Utah with friends. Instead, Jay stayed and fought his cancer. In the end, he never took that ride and lost his battle with cancer.

A few months after Jay died, my oncologist told me that my cancer was in remission. That very day I went out and bought Ms. Tioga. My doctor asked how I was going to come in for my quarterly exams? I told him that whenever I came thru the area, I would come in.

My doctor and some friends think that I am not responsible. They think that I am running away from medical treatment. But, the insiders, those who are in Group know, that for me, being the Greatest Vagabonder In The World is an absolute necessity. I feel that being a Vagabond, keeps the spirits of those Group members who did not make it, alive.

Jay never made it to Utah. Tioga and George will one day get there for him. So now you know why Tioga and George have so much courage. We have absolutely nothing to lose.

What do I want for my future? I want to see the beauty everywhere. I want to help my friends to be boondockers in anyway that I can. I want to strive to be the very best person that I can be, and have love in my heart every single day for the rest of my life.

Tioga and George are hoping that we do not lose our status as Vagabonders-Supreme. We hate to confess this, but last night we actually paid $5 to camp !! Oh Lord, the depths that we have sunk ! We have an excuse, though. We didn't think that the State Mountys would actually come and collect. There were about 10 groups at this site, and we had a good time talking with our neighbors. Below is a pic showing George up close and Ms. Tioga way back there in the parking row.

There was a huge beach in front of Ms. Tioga, filled with drift wood. The Pacific Ocean almost seemed at a higher level than the beach. Ghostly island sized rocks stood out along the horizon.

The TiogaRV team will try to be good boondockers tonight. Do you forgive us?

Nite Camp: Pacific coast of California